Right at Home International Locations

If you would like to learn more about Right at Home's international master franchise opportunites, please click here to visit our International Franchise Opportunities section.

Right at Home UK

Right at Home UK opened its doors in Preston, England in 2010.  You can learn more about their services at www.rightathomeuk.com. If you are interested in franchising opportunities in the United Kingdom, visit the Right at Home UK franchise opportunities page

Right at Home Brazil

Right at Home Brazil opened its doors in Sao Paulo in 2010.  You can learn more about their services at www.rightathome.com.br

Right at Home China

Right at Home China opened its doors in Beijing in 2011.  You can learn more about their services at http://www.rahcb.com.

Right at Home Canada

Right at Home Canada opened its doors in Ontario in 2012. You can learn more about their services at http://www.rightathomecanada.com.

Right at Home Ireland

Right at Home Ireland opened its doors in 2013. You can learn more about their services at http://www.rightathome.ie.



My family has experienced a traumatic injury. I was attempting to do it all by myself and finally reached the point of being overwhelmed. I contacted Right at Home and the Owner of he company was at my house that day! All the little and big things I could not find the time to do are now taken care of. Now I have the assurance that I can leave my home and know that I have an experienced, licensed professional taking care of my family. Always on time, honest, professional, trustworthy, hard working, articulate and caring. I was pleasently surprised to have Right at Home's Director of Quality Assurance drop by for a visit to make sure I was getting what I needed and in such a manner that was safe and of the highest standard. I feel now that Right at Home is an extension of my family. I trust them. I need them. They are here for me.