Special Exercise for Life and Fitness (SELF)

As a trained exercise physiologist, Dr. Berg used to give lectures on diabetes around Omaha, Nebraska. Eventually, he decided to bring people in and show them what to do to meet their needs, instead of just talking about it. The "SELF" program was born as a result.

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Are Gyms Going Gray?

“It is never too late to start exercising,” said Dr. Kris Berg, an exercise physiologist who worked at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) for 45 years. “People are very responsive to exercise programs even into their 80s and 90s.”

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3 Indicators That It Might Be Time to Bring In Outside Help

You don’t always have to wait until an emergency happens to get help, though. Here are three indicators that it might be time to bring in some help:

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Mark Hayes from Hayes Funeral and Cremation Services discusses the many different funeral options.

Mark Hayes from Hayes Funeral and Cremation Services discusses the many different funeral, burial and cremation options they offer throughout Chicagoland.

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4 “Sugar Strategies” for People With Diabetes to Enjoy Desserts

Every year, Americans celebrate National Dessert Day (October 14) by sampling a full menu of sweets. Do you know which American age group is most likely to pick up their dessert fork or to dip a spoon in some dessert decadence?

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Paula Wiener, Information Specialist at National Parkinson's Foundation discusses Parkinson's disease.

Paula Wiener, Information Specialist at National Parkinson Foundation discusses Parkinson's disease.

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Avoiding Falls by “De-Prescribing” Medications

Nearly 60% of Americans — the highest ever — are now taking prescription drugs. More than half of elders take five or more medications. Why such lengthy medication lists?

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Home Care News 09.30.16

Home Care News Curated by Right at Home for September 30th, 2016 -Netflix's Extremis Pinpoints the Tension Between Doctors and Patients on End of Life Care Human Rooms in Palliative Care: Creating multi-sensory healing.. -How to Care for Your Aging Parents -How to ask for Palliative Care -Aging in Place Bathrooms -How tens of thousands of patients who weren't actually dying..were on hospice. -End-of-Life Care Needs an Overhaul A Checklist for Aging in Place: 3 Things to Consider

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Managing Medications Challenges Seniors; Why You Should Report Memory Issues to Your Doctor

These and other stories are in the October edition of the Caring Right at Home e-newsletter, providing information, advice and support for adult caregiving.

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Staying Active to Stay Well – No Sweat! (well, sort of …)

Staying active as a senior offers a number of health benefits including greater mobility, decreased joint pain and fewer illnesses. Regular fitness activity reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and types of cancer.

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