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Hip Fracture Prevention in Naperville, IL

The consequences of hip fracture can be profound: quality of life declines significantly, with decreased mobility and independence for up to--or longer than--a year. As many as 25 percent of hip fracture patients require nursing home care following hospitalization, and as many as 20 percent die within a year of their hip surgery.

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Guidelines for Caregiver Stress Reduction in Joliet, IL

There is an unwritten law that says the holidays should be fun and filled with good cheer, but when they add stress to an already stressed-out caregiver their arrival is as welcome as a blizzard. Here are some helpful tips that can make them more enjoyable for everyone.

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Keep Your Brain Fit In Downers Grove, IL

The idea for a store that touts its products as brain and memory boosters came from Lindsay Gaskins, a former Sears home-fashions strategist who joined West Loop-based business incubator Sandbox Industries in 2007. Company has also benefitted from shoppers looking for money-saving ways to entertain or to have fun as a family, and baby boomers who are intrigued by the emerging idea of brain fitness, she said. Many of the games, puzzles and brain teasers sell for $15 to $30. "Brain fitness, which is also referred to as Neurobics, is the idea that if you work your brain like you exercise your body, you can experience benefits in the way your brain functions," she said.

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Watch Holiday Weight in Naperville, Illinois

People tend to look at the holiday season as a continuous celebration and often relax their eating habits, said Lauren Thomas, NNMC registered dietician. That can cause someone to gain three or four pounds during the season - a setback for those watching their weight.

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Volunteer lives her Faith working with Hospice

Faith is not a prerequisite for the volunteer work done by Mary Novotny "But I see this as a way of living out my faith," Novotny explained. "My own faith has been strengthened by it. It's a very deep experience." Since 1999, Novotny has volunteered with Adventist St. Thomas Hospice. She was ...

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The elderly often are forgotten during the holidays

IMAGES of smiling children are abundant during the holidays but in the hectic rush of parties and presents, older adults are often forgotten, says intergenerational researcher Susan V. Bosak. But there are some small things you and your children can do to make a big difference this holiday for grandparents and other elders in your community.

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Group cheers up Holocaust survivors: Generations After helps the elderly during holidays.

Editor Note: This first ran in 2002. A very touching article about letting holocaust survivors know they are not forgotten. It reminds all of us not to put off visiting elderly in our community during the holidays as many have few or no visitors at this time of year.

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Caregivers and Elderly Face Holiday Blues - More Attention is Essential For Mental Health

The National Institute of Mental Health considers depression in people 65 and older to be a major health problem, with some six million seniors suffering from late-life depression, which is often magnified during the holidays. While the rest of the world is busy shopping, planning family gatherings, and attending festivities, the elderly can be easily overlooked.

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Connect with elderly relatives during holidays ; The holidays can be a time to reconnect with and watch out for older parents, aunts and uncles.

"The holidays are a good time for family members to be alert for signs that elderly relatives may need help: physical, mental or financial. The most important thing is to look for signs of change in mood, health and living conditions. Checking in with people who visit the relative frequently can indicate whether there have been recent changes."

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Shingles misery

SHINGLES is a very common condition and while generally not very serious or life- threatening, it can cause a lot of distress and pain. Shingles occurs when the virus which causes chickenpox, or herpes zoster, reactivates itself. Virtually all adults have had chickenpox at some stage in their life, often in childhood, and the virus lies dormant in a nerve. After several years, it goes down the nerve that it is dormant in and produces the characteristic herpetic rash.

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