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Stroke Recovery and Caregivers in Joliet, Illinois

Stroke is a condition that affects both patients and family members who provide care and support. Because stroke is an unexpected traumatic event that suddenly forces family members into a caregiving role, caregivers often experience an overwhelming sense of burden, depression, and isolation; a decline in physical and mental health; and reduced quality of life.

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Hospice Support For Caregivers in Naperville, Illinois

For many patients dying of cancer, home is where they want to spend the last weeks of their lives. Their caregivers-often spouses, life partners or children-may be willing to give whatever care their loved one needs, but can find themselves overwhelmed, unsure, and at risk for depression and other health problems themselves.

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Seniors Need to Take Precautions During Cold Weather in Joliet, Illinois

Cold weather can be particularly hazardous for older adults because falling temperatures can cause hypothermia and frostbite. Hypothermia in particular can be lethal; it's thought to cause about 600 deaths each year in the U.S., and the risk increases with age, particularly after age 75.

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Watch for Signs of Elderly Depression during Holidays in Downers Grove, Illinois

Many seniors become disheartened this time of year as a result of the difficult changes that often occur with old age.Loss of a spouse, colleagues, and peer groups contribute to the natural diminishing of significant others, which is especially troublesome around the holidays. Retirement from the work force and the relocation from a familiar home can also lead to severe depression for an elderly person.

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Remember Food Safety in Joliet, Illinois

"By taking a few easy precautions when preparing items like homemade eggnog, or the holiday turkey, you can help assure your family has a safe, healthy and happy season," said Katherine Fedder, MDA's Food & Dairy Division Director. "Remember, food safety is in your hands."

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Exercising During Winter Months in Naperville, Illinois

The temperature of muscles, tendons and ligaments are significantly reduced in the cold, making them less moveable. This is one of the reasons that exercising in cold weather feels so much more tiring and difficult and all the more reason to take necessary steps to stay safe. The colder it is outside, the more important it is for your body to get a decent warm up, some stretching and a good cool down as you end your workout. This helps to elevate muscle temperature, allows for greater flexibility in the muscles and joints and lessens injury risk.

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Don't Forget Loved Ones with Alzheimer's Disease During Holidays in Naperville

The holiday season is a time of togetherness where families and friends gather to celebrate and give thanks. When a relative or family friend experiences memory loss associated with Alzheimer's disease,holiday gatherings can be particularly trying.

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Holiday Stress Reduction for Caregivers in Downers Grove, Illinois

Take the stress of caring for an elderly loved one with debilitating illness or cognitive impairment and mix in the activities and expectations of the holiday season. It is a recipe that could result in mental, emotional or physical distress for the caregiver.

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Caregiver Has Key Role In Medication Compliance in Joliet, Illinois

Numerous attempts at improving drug therapy compliance have been made including developing motivational communications, lifestyle and disease educational brochures, telephone and device reminders, dosage modification techniques, and medication diaries, but the results with these multiple approaches have been only marginally successful. Caregivers Can Play A Key Role In Medication Compliance.

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Alzheimers and Tips for Visits to the Dentist in Downers Grove, Illinois

Patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease or related disorders (ADRD) can be treated effectively in the dental practice. As disease progresses, functional decline worsens, increasing dependence on dental professionals.

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