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Bingo Is A Hit with Seniors

Seniors make up most of the bingo crowds in local games, and for all the lore about superstitious players and competition, the meetings have less to do with gambling than socializing. For example, the Lisle Park District's Monday bingo runs from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m., and is followed by lunch.

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Seniors Benefit from Aquatic Exercise

Several factors make water exercise an ideal fitness activity for older adults of all abilities. The growing popularity of water exercise offers aquatic professionals opportunities to expand programs to meet the individual needs of older participants. Water exercise can be designed for nonswimmers as well as swimmers. For seniors who have had difficulty exercising on land, the buoyancy of water exercise allows them to enjoy a stimulating workout with the feeling of weightlessness.

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Aphasia Bill of Rights

Several years ago, the National Aphasia Association's board of directors passed the "Aphasia Bill of Rights." It describes what people with aphasia deserve. People with aphasia have the right to:

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Baby Boomers and Facebook

AARP said Facebook is by far the most popular networking site for boomers, followed by MySpace, LinkedIn and Twitter. Nearly a quarter of older Americans are on Facebook, and 73 percent said they use it to stay in touch with relatives.

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Remains of the Day - Elderly Hoarding

The inclination to hoardtypically begins in the teenage years, but experts say it can also be triggered--or made worse--by brain damage, a traumatic life event, or depression. As the hoarders age, the piles grow, gradually eclipsing everything else in their lives

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8 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Caregiver

If you decide on home care, there are 8 questions you should ask the home care agency to ensure your family and loved one remain safe, healthy and happ

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New Medicare Reg - MD Document Face to Face Meeting re: Home Care

New regulation, part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Act, specifies that a physician or a qualified non-physician practitioner must certify that he or she has had a face-to-face encounter with Medicare patients when home care is ordered. Home care agencies must receive the certification in order to be reimbursed for the home care visits, according to CMS-1510-F, which took effect Jan. 1, 2011, and will be fully implemented by the second quarter of 2011.

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6 Reasons We Don't Lose Weight

Six common reasons why we dont lose weight: 1. Many of our social interactions include food. 2. Restaurants portions have increased (particularly fast food). 3. We are less active than in the past. 4. We find it unacceptable to be hungry. 5. We misunderstand how weight is maintained. 6. We forget the extra food we eat every day, or we think we ate less than we did.

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Elderly Need Exercise

Provided that proper guidelines are followed, the elderly should be allowed and even encouraged to begin or maintain exercise programs for improved functional capacity and independent living.

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Common Causes of Fatigue

In this era of burning candles at both ends (whoever works the longest hours), with stops only for caregiving and a few stolen winks, most everyone gets tired now and then. Sometimes all you need to recover is a solid nights sleep or an actual vacation, sans BlackBerry. But in some instances, tiredness moves to the next realm and becomes the soul-sucking, energy-draining condition called fatigue.

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