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National Nurses Day Celebrates the Contribution of Nurses

National Nurses Week (May 6-12) each year celebrates the contributions nurses make to our lives and communities. What would you do to honor nurses in America?

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When Families Disagree About Senior Care; Keeping Alzheimer’s Patients Socially Engaged

These and other stories are in the May edition of the Caring Right at Home e-newsletter, providing information, advice and support for adult caregiving.

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The Secrets to Identifying Drug Misuse in Seniors

Drug misuse is often overlooked. One reason for this is that signs of drug misuse may be attributed to other age-related health problems, such as depression or dementia.

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Winter Travel Safety Tips

There are a lot of wonderful things that are unique to winter – cozy blankets, hot cocoa, dazzling Christmas lights, just to name a few. But there are also quite a few dangers that are unique to winter as well and, unfortunately, they are often overlooked in the merriment of the season.  ...

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Sibling Rivalry When Caring for Aging Parents

When brothers and sisters are forced to jointly care for their aging parents, they are sometime clueless when it comes to working together. Most siblings manage on their own to get past childhood feuds. Some siblings turn to elder-care mediators to help resolve disputes over the care and finances of aging parents.

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Elder Care Mediation

When it comes to agreeing on the best care for an aging loved one, many family members run into squabbles and divisions. Fortunately, many families who reach an impasse with elder care decisions are now turning to elder care mediation to help resolve disputes and preserve family relationships.

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Benefits of an Elder Law Attorney

Seniors face a myriad of health, finance and legal issues that can significantly affect their lives and families. Attorneys specializing in elder law understand the unique needs of older adults regarding physical and mental limitations and navigating the complexities of retirement living and financial and estate planning.

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What Should I Discuss With My Aging Parents?

Discussing important issues with your parents as they grow older can be challenging. Few adult children have these conversations until a major event forces a discussion. However, waiting until a crisis happens isn’t a good planning strategy. Instead...

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Bedside Manner "Counts" in Home Care - Naperville, Illinois

When you introduce availability, ongoing communication and reassurance to your quiver, you will add the value of feeling attended to, connection and confidence to your clients' experience. By doing so you will be balancing strong professional services with individual client attention--a distinctive and authentic differentiator to your brand.

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American Advisors Group Launches New Reverse Mortgage Website for Seniors

AAG has spent the last 12 months working with reverse mortgage experts, web application specialists and industry advocates to establish a revolutionary new consumer website that will make it easier for seniors to find reverse mortgage information. is a network of question and answer websites that will enable consumers to easily request free, fast, and accurate information specifically related to their individual questions about reverse mortgages. AAG spokesperson, Former Senator Fred Thompson, said, "I'm so glad seniors are being offered this new forum which allows them greater access to the facts about reverse mortgages. They can then decide if it best suits them. American Advisors Group has done an amazing job creating a venue that empowers seniors with more information and greater transparency."

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