National Patient Recognition Week - February 1 - 7

National Patient Recognition Week is the first week in February. During this week healthcare providers recognize their patients and how important they are.

I recently read the book The Scalpel and the Soul: Encounters with Surgery, the Supernatural, and the Healing Power of Hope by Dr. Allan J. Hamilton. In his book, Dr. Hamilton relates some of his experiences as a neurosurgeon and is very open in sharing how his Harvard training has in some cases served him well and in others been the source of heartbreak.

At the end of his book, the surgeon gives the reader tips on how to be a patient. Having seen the inside of medical facilities and knowing what challenges practitioners face, Dr. Hamilton's rules may help patients remain above ground a bit longer.

Here are an abbreviated listing of the rules. Click here to check out the book for more details and some very moving stories.

Rule No. 1: Never underestimate luck - good or bad.
Rule No. 2: Find a doctor who cares about you.
Rule No. 8: Don't be turned into just another patient.
Rule No. 14: Don't let growing old make you crazy.
Rule No. 19: Assign someone to be your guardian angel.

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