Maureen Jacobsen discusses Eastgate Manor Supportive Living in Algonquin

Maureen Jacobsen discusses Eastgate Manor Supportive Living in Algonquin.

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Bathroom Safety: The Toilet

The bathroom can be a dangerous place for people of all ages, but older Americans are more vulnerable to falls and injuries.

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Lauren Weldon Explains Importance of Hiring an Elder Law Attorney When Planning for Long Term Care

Lauren Weldon from Margolis Weldon discusses the important of using an Elder Law Attorney when planning for a senior's long term care, healthcare needs and end of life.

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Safety Tips for Summer Family Fun

Summer is a wonderful opportunity for children, parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents to stack up fun memories while staying injury-free and healthy.

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Overcoming Caregiver Fear

As a caregiver, you will be confronted daily with people, situations and events over which you have little or no control, and if you allow yourself to dwell on what might happen, you could easily become overwhelmed by fear.

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Westbrook Senior Living Opening New Facility in Streamwood, IL

Guest Christine Unbdenstock from Westbrook Senior Living discusses their brand new facility.

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Financial Advice for Widows

For women whose spouses die, the grief is often magnified by the stress and uncertainly of legal and financial matters.

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National Cancer Survivors Day Honors Those Who Beat Cancer

A cancer survivor is a person living with a history of the disease from initial diagnosis through the rest of his or her life. Each year on the first Sunday in June, National Cancer Survivors Day® honors the millions of courageous individuals who beat cancer.

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Linda Rockwell Discusses the "We Honor Veterans" Program

On the day after Memorial Day, our guest is Linda Rockwell from Journeycare, she discusses the 'We Honor Veterans' program.

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Trust Grows With Age

Trust increases as people age, and the stronger the trust, the more seniors experience greater happiness over time.

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