How Computerized Balance Assessments Are Helping Reduce Fall Risks

Chuck Schulte, CEO of Diamond Physical Therapy talks about balance issues and and their computerized balance evaluation computer used during the preparation of a customized treatment plan for each patient.

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National Nurses Day Celebrates the Contribution of Nurses

National Nurses Week (May 6-12) each year celebrates the contributions nurses make to our lives and communities. What would you do to honor nurses in America?

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Counseling Assistance for Every Need

How do you gain a better balance and not discount your mental and emotional health as you care for another?

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Compassion Counts in All Walks of Life

Compassion Counts in All Walks of Life: The Kindness of Strangers-the Ripple Effect of Compassion Compassion is catching by Trevor Leggett 3 Reasons Why Compassion Is The Key To Being A Great Leader The Science of Generosity Can Compassion Really Save the World? Why It's Imperative to Teach Empathy to Boys

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Understanding Dementia and Memory Care Communities

Jeanette, Jim and Kathy are joined by Carrie Heck from Arden Courts of Geneva to discuss Alzheimer's, dementia, and what you need to know about memory care.

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When Families Disagree About Senior Care; Keeping Alzheimer’s Patients Socially Engaged

These and other stories are in the May edition of the Caring Right at Home e-newsletter, providing information, advice and support for adult caregiving.

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Bathroom Safety: Grab Bars

Would it surprise you to learn that nearly 200,000 older Americans are treated in emergency rooms for bathroom-related falls and injuries every year?

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Donating Time, Money to Charity Is Win-Win

Reaching out with time, money and personal caring rejuvenates both the giver and receiver, unlike high-tech gadgets, a bigger house or extensive vacation travel. In addition to gaining a sense of purpose, countless seniors who engage with charities find they boost their health and contentment.

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Coconut Fat May Slow Aging

Nutrition experts praise coconut fat as a super food that improves brain function, boosts energy and burns the body’s excess fat. Plus, research is finding that a diet high in coconut fat also may delay brain cells from aging.

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How Video Story Telling Builds Lasting Memories

Wanda Schlafly is a Video Storyteller and her company is MiFun Video Productions. She joins Jeanette, Kathy and Jim in studio to discuss her business and why seniors might consider video story telling.

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