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Oscars Raise Awareness of Alzheimer’s and ALS

At Right at Home we prioritize Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care and were pleased to see two different films tackling that issue.

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Caregiving Tips for Alzheimer’s Behaviors

One of the most challenging aspects of caring for a person with Alzheimer’s is adjusting to the troubling and sometimes abrupt changes in personality and behavior. The following are steps to help family caregivers with common Alzheimer’s care situations.

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Getting Along With Family After a Parent Dies

What happened to those blissful summer reunions brimming with prized family recipes and boisterous laughter, or listening to your brother’s quirky stories during the holidays? The loss of one or both parents can complicate everything from settling wills to simply talking on the phone. Sometimes the death of Dad or Mom reveals relationship fractures that can widen into frustration, blame, distancing or rage.

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Getting Healthy Starts Now

Perhaps it’s time to cut back after indulging on holiday sweets or get back to exercise and more sleep. With some honest introspection and consistent determination, taking care of you as a family caregiver will soon be more than a fading New Year’s resolution.

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors

Mom and Dad want to ride in a stock car. Aunt Marianne relishes conversations over gourmet coffee and chocolates. How can you find just-right gifts for these active and less active adults on your holiday list

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Help Prepare a Senior’s Home for Winter

Whether your aging loved one lives in an area with four distinct seasons of the year or in milder temperatures year-round, autumn is the ideal time to winterize the home to protect it against the upcoming snow, rain and the dipping thermometer. Even relatively small steps toward guarding against the elements prove a cost savings in heating bills and exterior wear and tear to the home.

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Help Prevent the Elderly From Falling on Outdoor Surfaces

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that approximately 28-35 percent of people age 65 and over fall each year worldwide. For individuals older than 70, some 32-42 percent fall accounting for 40 percent of all injury related deaths.

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Hiring a Caregiver: Risks and Responsibilities

You and your loved one have decided it’s time to have a little extra help in the home, and you’re looking to hire an in-home caregiver. But do you hire through an agency or hire directly?

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What Do We Do When We Live So Long?

The Senior Boom is officially upon us!

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Documenting Your Family Medical History Is a Gift for Current and Future Generations

When you’re filling out health history forms at the doctor’s office, it’s not always easy to recall all your own medical conditions over the years

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