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Help Prevent the Elderly From Falling on Outdoor Surfaces

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that approximately 28-35 percent of people age 65 and over fall each year worldwide. For individuals older than 70, some 32-42 percent fall accounting for 40 percent of all injury related deaths.

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Hiring a Caregiver: Risks and Responsibilities

You and your loved one have decided it’s time to have a little extra help in the home, and you’re looking to hire an in-home caregiver. But do you hire through an agency or hire directly?

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What Do We Do When We Live So Long?

The Senior Boom is officially upon us!

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Documenting Your Family Medical History Is a Gift for Current and Future Generations

When you’re filling out health history forms at the doctor’s office, it’s not always easy to recall all your own medical conditions over the years

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Family Discussions on Caring for Aging Relatives

Summer celebrations and family reunions are a natural time to catch up face to face and take a few minutes to talk about future care for elderly

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Great Food Safety Tips

Here are some great food safety tip

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Easy and Healthy Eating for Seniors

A balanced diet is the key to health and vitality. But what makes up a “balanced” diet? The body’s needs change as it ages, and the nutritional needs of seniors’ bodies are different than when they were younger. Adapting to the body’s changing needs can be a challenge, especially for seniors, who have become used to particular dietary rituals that have worked for them their entire lives.

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Winter Travel Safety Tips

There are a lot of wonderful things that are unique to winter – cozy blankets, hot cocoa, dazzling Christmas lights, just to name a few. But there are also quite a few dangers that are unique to winter as well and, unfortunately, they are often overlooked in the merriment of the season.  ...

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Right at Home adds Community Advocate to Staff

Becky Smith, MSSW, CSW, NCG has joined the Right at Home Senior Care team in the newly created role of Community Advocate. Becky will help you secure services ranging from Power of Attorney, to guardianship, a stay at a nursing home or assisted living facility, or help you to access home health care.

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Elder Care Mediation

When it comes to agreeing on the best care for an aging loved one, many family members run into squabbles and divisions. Fortunately, many families who reach an impasse with elder care decisions are now turning to elder care mediation to help resolve disputes and preserve family relationships.

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