Care Rewards

Care Rewards is a recognition program for our care staff. It provides rewards and incentives for our caregiving staff (our caregiving stars) for an array of positive work behaviors. Care Rewards is an exclusive program available only to caregivers that wear the Right at Home badge.

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 This is to tell you how much I and our family appreciate the attention to care and delivering of this by your caregiver, “Haddy” (Kdatou Sylla) in providing her services in the care of my Aunt Thelma,  for the lengthy period of her convalescence.  Others came and went, while Haddy  hung in there in delivering consistent and caring services.

 Thelma over the same time was enriched in her belief that Haddy was her friend and enriched our thinking that she was indeed a member of the family, as well.  Thelma cared for Haddy, too, and sought her guidance on personal matters and even in communications with others.  That pair grew together in teaching each other and learning from the other, and as one life slowly diminished in duration, the other grew to be able to more positively impact her life and those around her.  Everyone grew more enriched and were even more enabled to enjoy their lives together. 

Not all relationships worked out in patient-caregiver relationships and each learned to define what they were looking for and to enjoy and to let other things go by without commenting.  They came to determine what one liked and another didn’t like, and some relationships had to be severed, while others were more better defined and strengthened.  Yes, outside events had their impacts, too, and people just had to deal with them proactively for the benefit of each of those involved. 

The Thelma-Haddy relationship just blossomed as each adjusted and through their desire to make things work, guidance from families and contractors alike, as well as the people responsible for their initial and continued employment gained further knowledge and understanding, and the relationships just grew.  Some things may be tried with succeeding clients, too, whereas others may now be tried to strengthen other future relationships in their very own and special ways.    

Suffice it to say that I am very favorably impressed with Haddy, and through her, with Right At Home, as well. 

I wish to offer her positive references and advice in any future employment relationship you may wish to offer her ... now or in the future, as well.  She is an outstanding person and professional in her particular field of expertise.  Her communications skills are superb and she quickly adapts to situations and with those that need her care and those around them.  They can all quickly see that she is truly a caring professional!    

 Please contact me when I may offer guidance, reference or support for her as she progresses in her trade of choice.  May you especially benefit from knowing her and enjoy your association as much as have I.  My life has been enriched, and I hope yours will continue to be, as well.  Best wishes, and thanks again for referring her to Thelma Dawson’s care, as she benefited and was rewarded by the special relationship offered.  Thelma was special in her own case in my life, for without her, I may not have had eye issues discovered and may have become blind at an early age.  She was my favorite aunt and now Haddy has become special in my life, too.  I hope I may have someone as talented as Haddy when I need the care for which she has special talent, too. 

Best regards now and as you progress together with the special person, Haddy, and with all your employees. 


Special regards,


Thomas R. (nephew)