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Aging is tough for everyone. Your loved one isn't the only person affected by the years, you're feeling the strain as well. Realizing that your family member needs help with daily tasks can be overwhelming and frightening. Who do you talk to? Where do you turn? Right at Home Louisville is here to help. Not only do we provide homecare services, but we can direct you to resources where you can find information and support.

We've compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you navigate the process of choosing in-home care. If you're looking for more specific information regarding aging or illness, check out our comprehensive Resource Links for national and local organizations to assist you. We're as committed as you are to providing your loved one with the care they deserve, so call us with your questions anytime.

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My name is Bonny H and I live in Texas.  My mother, Betty H, was under the care of your employee, Robin G, in Louisville for the last two years of her life and I am writing to thank you for that.

Having Robin in her life provided my mom with a sense of security, comfort, and humor that she needed far more than any of us realized.  Her demise was so rapid we were all shocked, and I believe it was her mental condition and that there's not much anyone could have done.  Robin made my Mom feel safe, and gave her a light in a darkening world that Mom could hold on to while we were unable to be there.

In a perfect world, we would all take care of our own, I am sure you know that as well as anyone.  Due to the pressures of the modern world, and the typical dysfunction of many families, that is not always possible.  Thanks to the people like Robin, and companies like yours, we have a fallback resource and can feel comfortable knowing that our loved ones, whether they be too difficult or too far away, will be cared for.

Robin has become a member of our family, and even with Mom's passing, I still call Robin to chat and we remain friends.  She is trustworthy, dependable, confident, knowledgeable, and more than capable and all of this with a sense of humor that is priceless.  We were certainly a lucky family to have her help.  My mom loved her like a daughter, and we will never ever forget all that she did for Mom and therefore, for us.


Deborah H, Daughter

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