Our Services - Non Medical Home Care

The realization that Mom or Dad isn’t an all-knowing superhero is one everyone discovers as they age out of childhood. That doesn’t make it any easier when the tables turn and the ones who cared for you now need care themselves. It’s hard to watch them struggle with daily tasks, and even harder when an illness like Alzheimer’s makes them slip away from us even further. Becoming a caretaker can overtake all aspects of your relationship, causing undue strain and robbing you of precious time with your loved ones.

Right at Home is here to help. Allowing your loved one to stay in the comfort and familiarity of their own home is what we do. We know that choosing the right in-home caregiver is a big decision, that's why we've put together some helpful Care Scenarios to give you a better idea of our differing levels of care.

From basic Care Services to more complex Special Medical Care Situations, Right at Home in the greater Louisville area takes the burden of caretaking off your shoulders and allows you to resume your relationship on your terms. Both you and your loved one should live a happy, fulfilled life - and we're here to help make that happen.

To Whom It May Concern:

Jeannie’s company provided daily care for my mother for 21 months. Initially, my mother was absolutely opposed to anyone coming into her home. But her opposition faded very quickly, and turned into "I love my caregivers."

I found the Right at Home office staff always immediately accessible at all times. And the office staff served as caregivers when one of the scheduled caregivers had an emergency (e.g. car breakdown, sick child), which occurred occasionally.

In my mother’s case, I’m certain the caregivers put up with a very difficult client. Yet, after the first few months of trying different caregivers, things settled down and two caregivers became my mother’s steady and reliable companions for the remainder of the time my mother remained at home. I and my siblings were astounded at what these caregivers put up with from our mother. Yet, they bonded with her, and were glad to provide her care.

Later on, as my mother’s needs increased, additional caregivers had to be worked into a longer schedule. So, again there was some adjusting of caregivers until a good combination was found, which included the two long-standing caregivers, plus a couple other ladies who also worked well with my mother.

The caregivers maintained the house in very good order, did the grocery shopping, meal preparation, assisted my mother with her activities, and engaged her in activities (e.g. playing simple crossword puzzles) which she enjoyed.

I would recommend Jeannie’s Right at Home services to anyone who needed companion and caregiver services for an aging parent.

Regards, Steve

Steve L, Son.