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For the months of November and December 2014, Charles, our brother has decided to spend these months in Ohio full time with our mother.  Charles has the ability to work remotely during this time. 

We are going to see how our mother responds to one of us at home.  We have been frustrated with her habits, including taking her medications properly as well as an overall lack of physical activity and an over all malaise in spirit.  It is our earnest hope that she will respond positively to one of her son's being there to gently prod and promote some better, healthier lifestyle and habit practices.  

Please understand, my brothers and I have been extremely satisfied with RAH, your efforts in particular, as well as the caregivers you have provided for us.  We are uncertain at this time as to how this will all transpire.  In the future and RAH, and you in particular, will be our first call should we require assistance.  

We will keep you informed as to 2015 and how things work out for us.  

Again, this is not a reflection on RAH, and if please feel free to use my name and email conduct as a reference for your services; I am more than happy to do so.  

Kindest Regards, Bill, Tony and Charles Saunders

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