When Families Disagree About Senior Care; Keeping Alzheimer’s Patients Socially Engaged

These and other stories are in the May edition of the Caring Right at Home e-newsletter, providing information, advice and support for adult caregiving.

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Listen Up! Treating Hearing Loss Promptly Is Important

But according to the National Academy on an Aging Society, hearing loss is the third-most common chronic condition facing people older than 75—following only behind arthritis and hypertension.

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Bathroom Safety: Grab Bars

Would it surprise you to learn that nearly 200,000 older Americans are treated in emergency rooms for bathroom-related falls and injuries every year?

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Donating Time, Money to Charity Is Win-Win

Reaching out with time, money and personal caring rejuvenates both the giver and receiver, unlike high-tech gadgets, a bigger house or extensive vacation travel. In addition to gaining a sense of purpose, countless seniors who engage with charities find they boost their health and contentment.

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Preserving Social Connections When a Loved One Has Alzheimer’s

Experts tell us that loneliness threatens the health of older adults. We are a very social species, so when we feel a lack of connection to fellow humans, the resulting stress raises the risk of high blood pressure, sleep disorders, depression, a weakened immune system and a host of other health problems. According to the University of Chicago's Dr. John Cacioppo, the negative effect of social isolation can harm seniors as much as smoking or obesity!

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Right at Home’s Caregiver of the Year Program Honors Professional Caregivers

Working in tandem with care recipients and their families, elder care professionals ensure the highest quality of care for each care recipient while relieving stress and care duties for family caregivers.

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When Family Members Disagree About Elder Care

Few of us live in a Waltons world today, so it’s much more challenging when Mom and Dad experience physical disabilities or memory loss that mean they need help with the activities of daily living and managing their healthcare.

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Coconut Fat May Slow Aging

Nutrition experts praise coconut fat as a super food that improves brain function, boosts energy and burns the body’s excess fat. Plus, research is finding that a diet high in coconut fat also may delay brain cells from aging.

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Rise in Senior Remarriages

For many divorced or widowed older adults, choosing remarriage in the golden years makes life together even more golden.

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One Change Can Help You Salvage Your Spring Diet

Many of us receive an unpleasant April Fool’s surprise when we hop on the scale, only to find that our New Year’s resolution to lose some weight has once again failed. It’s discouraging and we might be tempted to give up—which, research shows, can lead to even greater weight gain.

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