Gift Ideas for the Elderly

In an effort to reduce your stress when shopping for your parents or grandparents, Right at Home has put together a brief guide to gift ideas for the elderly. We’ve taken into account budget, lifestyle and interests. After all, the holidays shouldn’t be about the stress of finding the perfect gift; they should be about the joy you feel when watching someone you love open it.

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A Caregiver’s Gratitude at Thanksgiving

I discovered firsthand that caring for someone who is suffering changes a lot of things – including how you count your blessings. Before, I never thought to be thankful that Alex could get into or out of bed by himself. It hadn’t occurred to be grateful for conversations that weren’t focused on pain levels, medication schedules or bowel functions. Above all, I had no idea of how thankful I could be for a good night’s sleep.

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When You Can’t Be Home for the Holidays

Our changing families also make it harder to assemble every December. Generations no longer live in the same town, and family ties are more complicated: Grandma and Grandpa may be divorced, perhaps remarried. The spouses of their adult children also may hail from different parts of the country, so those couples may alternate holidays between the two locales. And even if you live in your longtime home, Great-grandma may have moved to a retirement community in Florida.

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Thanksgiving Safety Tips

The house is full of bustling conversations and the rich aroma of your favorite Thanksgiving entrees. The grandkids are scurrying from room to room, while the adults mingle and munch in the kitchen, grandkids

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Mom is showing signs of mental slowing. Dad’s arthritis leaves him barely able to walk. Their need for at-home care is becoming more evident, but you dread “the conversation.”

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Healthier Holiday Eating

Watch out for the extra calories, fat, sodium and sugar expand from #Thanksgiving through New Year’s!

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Exercise? But I'm A Family Caregiver

Remember: Exercise creates energy rather than depleting it! If you are providing care support for a loved one with a long-term chronic illness, this is no time to turn into a couch potato.

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Sarcopenia: An Unfamiliar Cause of Falling

Sarcopenia begins around age 45 and increases thereafter. By age 65, people, especially those who are sedentary, have lost almost half of their muscle mass and strength. The muscles become so weak that everyday mobility becomes difficult.

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Right at Home Military Veterans

A few of the veterans in the Right at Home family graciously took time to share their experiences with us. We thank them, and all veterans, for their service to our country.

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Ten Tips for a More Meaningful, Healthy Thanksgiving

If Thanksgiving sometimes feels more stressful than meaningful to you, it might be time to update your traditions. - See more at:

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