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The realization that Mom or Dad isn’t an all-knowing superhero is one everyone discovers as they age out of childhood. That doesn’t make it any easier when the tables turn and the ones who cared for you now need care themselves. It’s hard to watch them struggle with daily tasks, and even harder when an illness like Alzheimer’s makes them slip away from us even further. Becoming a caretaker can overtake all aspects of your relationship, causing undue strain and robbing you of precious time with your loved ones.

Right at Home is here to help. Allowing your loved one to stay in the comfort and familiarity of their own home is what we do. We know that choosing the right in-home caregiver is a big decision, that's why we've put together some helpful Care Scenarios to give you a better idea of our differing levels of care.

From basic Care Services to more complex Special Medical Care Situations, Right at Home Myrtle Beach takes the burden of caretaking off your shoulders and allows you to resume your relationship on your terms. Both you and your loved one should live a happy, fulfilled life - and we're here to help make that happen.

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  • Your individual situation will always recieve our attention. From the beginning we will work with you to create a care plan customized for you and your loved one. Read more about our custom service plan.
  • Finding the right caregiver makes all the difference in the world. Discover more about the comprehensive training, and testing our caregivers go through before coming to your home.
  • Our in home care services range from companionship to direct Alzheimer's and dementia care. Find out what services you might want.
  • Special home care situations are something we prepare for. Find out how we can help you manage your care.
  • Our care scenarios help give an idea of what a situation might look like for a family or individual. Read our care scenarios to find out how Right at Home can serve you and your family.

You may still have questions about Right at Home and the services we provide. Contact us to find out how we can serve you.

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Right at Home is a company dedicated to their services.  Right at Home is honest, reliable, and caring. The caregivers are reliable and very caring.  Right at Home has reponded well to the problems we have had.

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