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At Right at Home, caregivers are our most vital asset, so we want you to thrive in your career with us. To make sure that you're a terrific caregiver, we have ongoing training and continuing education available for you. We also take pride in honoring your outstanding care with awards and rewards. All of this is made possible through our CERT (Caregiver Education Recognition and Training) Program.

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Dear Elaine and Dan, 

I would like to express my thanks to you for the excellent care your staff provided, and for the genuine caring that you both provided for my father in the past year.

Although you know how much he appreciated you and your staff, I want you to know that his close friends and family were so very pleased with the services you provided.  Not only did you improve the quality of his final year, you also made this year much better for the rest of us.   As my father's condition progressed, you made sure that your staff was appropriate for his changing needs.  You treated him as if he were your own father.  You were always monitoring his feelings, and responding however necessary to maintain the best chemistry with his caretakers. Seeing how concerned you were with his happiness and comfort, and how quickly you reacted to improve any problems, greatly relieved the burden on us.  The trust I had from watching you in control of his best interests improved the quality of my life this past year.

Thank you for all you have done for us,

Mark P - Palm Desert