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To Whom it May Concern,

The agency Right at Home, headed by Dan and Elaine Fox, has given us superb service and caring in a time of true crisis in our lives.

My brother Phillip had a major stroke at age 63 and since none of our family lives on the West Coast to care for him, we hired Right at Home. We have had repeated medical and social emergencies which needed to be urgently addressed in a timely fashion.  Dan and Elaine, and their excellent staff, would personally go to Phillip’s home and take care of each situation. They kept us well apprised of Phil’s progress and of the difficult emotional issues related to each crisis. Since I am a surgeon myself, and serve as Phillip’s medical consultant, this was extremely important to me. I cannot be there on a regular basis and must depend on the integrity and good judgment of this team. They have done all the things I would do myself were I there.  I cannot rave enough about their fine services.

Phillip has had round the clock care provided by Right At Home, along with outside therapists. These services have been carefully monitored and managed by the agency. When an issue arises, they immediately call me or my wife to see what our preference in care would be.

The expert personnel coordinates the appointments with his various medical specialists, personally transports him to the doctors’ offices, and immediately reports back the findings to me. It has been remarkable!

Their willingness to be flexible in their choice of home care aides has been a true asset in this delicate situation. They have accommodated the personality of the caregiver to my brother’s difficult emotional temperament and constantly changing needs. This flexibility has allowed us to have peace of mind from 3000 miles away. Thank goodness we hired Right at Home; they are the Right group!

I would highly recommend Right at Home as a top notch and extremely professional agency to handle any medical cases which could arise. Not only do they provide intelligent expertise in their field, but they bring a sense of caring, sensitivity and warmth to a most challenging family issue.

Most sincerely,

Elliott R. , MD 

Elliott R., MD - New York City (Family from Rancho Mirage)

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