Virtual Dementia Tour

Right at Home is proud of our committment to teach those who care for those suffering from dementia symptoms.  Please view the video below regarding our Virtual Demetia Tour. 


Hi Dan and Elaine,

We give tremendous credit to the hard work of your remarkable staff that my mother has rallied so successfully and is no longer on hospice.  Through the hard work and dedication of your staff and my mother's own "grit", we have been able to get her off hospice and back onto Desert Oasis Health Insurance.  We have grown extremely fond of Yvette, Athina and Laurie.  They have each brought something very special to the care of my mother and we have been impressed by their professionalism and the care they have given my mom.  

I have been so impressed with everybody I've met with Right at Home and you will be my first recommendation to anybody looking for home caregiver service.  If you asked me to take a survey on my satisfaction level, it would be as high as it could be and I can't think of any suggestions I would make for improvement.  Even Robin, whom I have never met, has made us feel like highly valued customers and has provided valuable information when we needed it.  

Thank you again for everything you have done to make this very difficult time go as smoothly as possible.  

Stacey W.