Virtual Dementia Tour

Right at Home is proud of our committment to teach those who care for those suffering from dementia symptoms.  Please view the video below regarding our Virtual Demetia Tour. 


Dear Dan and Elaine,

What a journey this has been!   Frank is doing so well that, at this point we no longer need your services! Tamara is just exceptional. She was always thinking of what was best for Frank and his recovery. She created without prompting a self-styled "heating pillow" that could be heated in the microwave and would relax his neck muscles so that he could sleep.  She was sensitive to his feelings concerning his inability to be independent. She was helpful but without being enabling to him so that he made a very strong recovery. Tamara was also very astute concerning instruction from the Physical Therapist. The therapist was very impressed with her focus in learning the exercises in order that she help him with them each day.

On the weekends we had Teresa to bath/shower Frank and to help him with dressing and all that this entails. By having Teresa, I was able to get some decent sleep on the weekends knowing that Frank's care could continue as during the week without interruption. Both Tamara and Teresa took Frank on long walks each day to increase his stamina. They listened to what his needs were and allowed him to feel heard and in as much control of his life as possible.  Even Jennifer, your wonderful staffing coordinator,  jumped in to help care for Frank when there was an emergency! Thank you, thank you, thank you all!!  Could not have survived this time without you all.


Pam V.