Mental Health

Regardless of age or physical ability, some people who suffer from mental health disorders become homebound during their recovery. Anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and depression can all easily affect entire families, not just those who are diagnosed.

Right at Home can provide numerous Care Services that help you do more than just survive a loved one’s struggle with the effects of a mental health disorder. We can be a large part of helping you thrive on their path of recovery.

We can also help when mental health is a concern for seniors who are coping with the reality of becoming homebound.

Mom really enjoyed her time with her Right at Home Pasadena caregiver and thought she was very nice.  The introductory meeting really helped as well.  Mom felt the transition was smooth and, while she missed us being there, she said she didn't miss as much because Right at Home was with her.  I personally could enjoy my time away because I was secure in the knowledge that you were only a phone call away. It's so good to know that Right at Home and their excellent team is available when we need them.  Thank you!

Karen W.