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Benefits Of Yoga For Seniors In Sarasota, FL

Yoga classes are offered nearly everywhere, from health clubs in big cities to clinics in Sarasota, FL and even in assisted living facilities and senior centers. The postures and breathing techniques practiced can benefit people of all ages – including the growing demographic of seniors.

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Helping Your Loved One Fight Muscle Loss In Englewood, FL

It is common for seniors in Englewood, FL to lose some of their strength as they age. While the causes of this are not fully understood, it is believed to be associated with lifestyle changes in mobility and diet as well as the natural reduction in hormones that often come with aging.

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Aging Drivers in Venice, FL

Driving is a sensitive issue for many aging adults in Venice, FL. It represents independence and losing the privilege also means losing connections to friends and family outside of the home.

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Does Your Loved One In Sarasota, FL Suffer From COPD?

Chronic bronchitis, emphysema and asthma are all common disorders that contribute to breathing problems and sometimes, even death. Right at Home near Sarasota, FL takes a look at what it means to have COPD.

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