Kitschy Snow Globes Shake Up Collectors in Sarasota, FL

In the increasingly popular world of kitschy collectibles, the snow globe (a.k.a., snow dome, snowstorm and snow shaker) may be king given its popularity spanning more than 125 years. “The world of the snow globe is immense,” Heather Svokos reported in a Providence Journal article. Among dedicated snow globe enthusiasts, the article noted it is not unusual to find collections that include thousands of domes.

The collectibles market is being driven today by boomers, who have the time and disposable income to devote to collecting, according to Dave Margulius, the creator of the informative Collectors Weekly website. For older collectors in Sarasota, FL, the appeal of snow globes is understandable. “They are perfect, little, untouched worlds that remind you of the lost simplicity of childhood,” explained collector Lucy Summers in an article for The Independent. This emotional connection is as true today as it was in the 1941 Oscar-winning film Citizen Kane, the article noted.

The arrival of mass-produced plastic snow globes in the U.S. and Asia created an explosion of the collectibles featuring a seemingly endless selection of themes that you or your loved one in Sarasota, FL can use to build a collection. Within the broad spectrum of choices, listed several popular “fields of collectability,” including landmarks, World’s Fairs, historical events, famous and infamous figures from the past, religion, animals, military themes, sports figures, Disney characters and the always appealing Christmas themes.

For additional insights on collecting snow globes, you may want to check out Collectors’ QuestWorld Collectors Net and Andy Zito’s New Snow Dome Finds

Do you or a loved one in Sarasota, FL have a special snow globe or even a snow globe collection?


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  1. Sarah J White November 03, 2011 02:10 PM
    I am lookibg for a Sarasota snow globe....the one that plays Here Comes the Sun? Any help would be appreciated.

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