Traumatic Brain Injury

Right at Home can help families who find themselves coping with the unexpected effects of a sudden injury to the brain. Whether it's helping a family establish new routines immediately after the injury or providing respite to families who have established a system of care, Right at Home has numerous Care Services that can help.

If there are any medical needs, skilled nursing is available in many areas as allowed by state law.

“I visited with (the client) and his daughter yesterday evening and was so delighted to hear of how well your service is working out for them. They were very affirming of you, your husband, and really most important to them, the two men who are providing the direct care. They shared how gentle, responsive, professional and kind these men are.

What a gift for both the client and his family in terms of peace of mind and practical help with the needs of the day.

It was wonderful to have met with you, Carol, I appreciate that you took the time to introduce yourself and to learn of what you are offering to our community. I am really grateful that you are available, ready and able to make referrals to. It gives me peace of mind to know that I am helping to make a connection for those in our congregation to receive kind, compassionate and competent in home care in those times of need.”


W. T. – Director of Caring Ministries, Santa Rosa, CA