Traumatic Brain Injury

Right at Home can help families who find themselves coping with the unexpected effects of a sudden injury to the brain. Whether it's helping a family establish new routines immediately after the injury or providing respite to families who have established a system of care, Right at Home has numerous Care Services that can help.

If there are any medical needs, skilled nursing is available in many areas as allowed by state law.

It was nice to talk with you today and again, to meet your friend Susan at my business meeting today (who spoke well of you and Right at Home, as you did of her services). I look forward to sharing this next training with your staff, and will see you at the next meeting.

By the way, I love that your acronym is "RAH"! RAH for caring, RAH for dedication… very inspiring and motivating, like your staff.


D. G. – Elder Activities Trainer, Santa Rosa, CA