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University-Based Retirement Communities Offer an Alternative to Traditional Retirement

A growing number of American seniors are opting out of traditional retirement communities, lush with golf courses and nearby shopping, for university-based retirement communities.

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Boosting Memory Power With Age

Exercising the brain throughout one's life is scientifically proving to preserve memory into older age.

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Are Older Workers More Reliable Than Their Younger Colleagues?

Research shows that overall fluctuation in cognitive performance is lower in older adults compared to younger adults.

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Exercise Your Brain After Retirement

We’ve long heard that physical fitness contributes to improved overall health, but scientists are now proving that your brain needs its own fitness program, especially if you are retired or over 65.

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Skype Is the New Prozac

Medical and social researchers are investigating a new form of depression assistance for older adults – personal counseling via computer screen.

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Elderly Deny Hearing Loss, Resist Wearing Hearing Aids

The National Institutes of Health estimates some degree of hearing loss in one-third of U.S. people ages 65 to 75 and in almost half of people over age 75.

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Couples Should Plan for Retirement Together

For couples, unrealistic expectations about retirement money and activities can cause conflicts that dampen the happiness of growing old together.

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Could Sitting Shorten Your Life? Managing Incontinence

These and other stories are in the May edition of the Caring Right at Home e-newsletter, providing information, advice and support for adult caregiving.

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Testing for Early Cognitive Troubles

How are a bicycle and a train similar? How many nickels are in 35 cents? These are two of the questions in a short assessment called the Self-Administered Gerocognitive Examination (SAGE) that helps detect early signs of cognitive, memory and thinking difficulties.

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Elderly Loved Ones Resist Asking for Help

When seniors realize their world now involves less doing and more asking for help, they may sense they are a burden and vow to keep silent about needing assistance.

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