January 2012 Posts

Slowing the Ravages of Age in Londonderry, NH

With aging, senescent cells build up in the body and produce harmful chemicals, which can lead to tissue inflammation and underlying ills such as diabetes, dementia and hardening of the arteries. Only 5 percent or less of an older adult’s total cells are senescent, but these inactive cells can cause extensive problems.

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Drug Reactions in Older Adults

Medications help prevent and treat illness and disease, but increasingly among seniors in Londonderry, NH and around the nation, certain medications are causing adverse drug reactions.

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Beating More Than Winter Blues in Londonderry, NH

Common SAD symptoms include loss of energy, appetite changes, social withdrawal, weight changes, sluggish movement, irritability, increased sleep and hopelessness.

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Shake Up Your Family Tree in Londonderry, NH!

Genealogy research can be daunting, as many family lines can prompt just as many questions.

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