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Children are concerned about their aging parentsMaking Change Happen

Acknowledging and accepting the need for living space modifications involves four stages of behavior change.

Stage 1: Pre-Contemplative/Unaware

Individuals are not interested in change and do not see the need to change. They have no intention of doing anything differently.

  • This group tends to avoid information, discussion or even thinking about change and the need for it.
  • At this stage, it is useless to attempt modifications.

Stage 2: Contemplative

People start to think about the possible need for changes.

  • They recognize there is a problem and that they can and should do something.
  • There may be a trigger event, such as a worsening of a person’s balance and/or a bad fall.
  • At this stage, people are very open to information, options and specific strategies.

Stage 3: Action

People in this stage make real changes or modifications.

Stage 4: Maintaining

By this stage, people are working to consolidate any changes in their behavior, to maintain the “new” status quo and prevent a worsening of their condition. Praise and positive reinforcement are important.

When aging loved ones and others are unsure of future needs for home modifications, our RightConversationsSM series is a practical approach for effective communication between you and your loved ones. Access RightConversations at

How to Maintain Your Independence

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