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Recognizing the Quality Caregivers of Right at Home Albany

Right at Home of Albany is blessed with a team of dedicated and professional caregivers. The Caregiver of the Month award recognizes the outstanding performance of them. We thank them everyday for doing a fantastic job in tending to the needs of our clients and helping the seniors to age in place!

Caregiver of the Month Chantall (August 2019)

With Right at Home since November 2018

Client and Family Comments:

“Chantall is caring, kind, and always so thoughtful.” - Client

“Chantall is continuously on time for her shift. She is always friendly, even when she’s tired from working so hard. She is responsive to my mom’s needs, and it is so much appreciated how gentle she is with my mom.” - Client’s daughter

Office Comments

“She is very dependable, and I know I can count on her to help out when we need it most.” - Chris, Client Care Coordinator

“Chantall has a warm presence and a delightful smile! We hear nothing but wonderful things about her from our clients.” - Tanya, HR Coordinator

“It is nice peace of mind when Chantall is working because we know it will be taken care of.” - Stacey and James, co-owners


Congratulations, Chantall!

Caregiver of the Month Nina (July 2019)

With Right at Home since July 2018

Client and Family Comments:

“Nina is delightful! She is very caring and always attentive toward mom’s needs. We just love her, she’s been great!”

“Nina has a nice presence and is very caring. She is always so helpful, especially when I’m not feeling well.”

“Nina has been amazing! She is always very pleasant, and you can tell that she really enjoys her job. She has a contagious smile.”

Office Comments

“Nina caring and competent. She is a team player and very dependable. She is willing to go the extra mile for her clients.” - Chris, Client Care Coordinator

“Nina has been a delight to work with. She is always pleasant and truly cares about her clients.” - Tanya, HR Coordinator

“People really connect with Nina because she is so genuine and loyal to her clients.” - Stacey and James, co-owners


Congratulations, Nina!

Caregiver of the Month Patricia (June 2019)

With Right at Home since February 2019

Client Comments:

"We just love having Patty here, she is just so wonderful! Patty is warm and caring, and she always goes above and beyond the scope of her job. She treats us with respect and is very considerate and conscientious. She always knows what needs to be done, without my having to ask her to do it. She is more than deserving of this award."

"Patty is a treat. I adore her and her caring nature. She is always on time and does her chores without being asked. She knows my needs and is always so helpful."

Office Comments

“Patty is a great communicator, especially regarding the clients’ needs. She is willing to go the extra step.” - Chris, Client Care Coordinator

“Patty has been highly reliable and is on time for her shifts. She has consistently demonstrated that she truly cares about the well-being of others.” - Tanya, HR Coordinator

“Patty is kind-hearted, reliable and always has her client's best interest.” - Stacey and James, co-owners


Congratulations, Patricia!

Caregiver of the Month Shunte' (May 2019)

Family Comments:

"Shunte’ is appreciated so much. She has always been reliable and arrives on time for her shifts. Shunte’ is highly professional and we cannot express enough how appreciative we are of her as she cares for our mother."

“Shunte’ has been a real companion to my Mom. She provides a relaxed environment where Mom can enjoy the simple pleasures of life: lounging under the maple tree on a nice day, reminiscing over old photos, playing games together, listening to nostalgic music, and chatting at the kitchen table. Shunte’ brings an innovative approach to her work by combining modern technology with old-fashioned methods. A morning conversation on the patio admiring the birds at the feeder with Mom may inspire her to look up bird trivia and videos to watch together in the afternoon. Her techniques provide a true therapeutic environment for Mom.”

Office Comments

“Shunte’ is very reliable, she genuinely cares and commits to each client and their needs.” - Chris, Client Care Coordinator

“Shunte’ goes the extra mile for each of her clients. She is very thoughtful and considerate.” - Tanya, HR Coordinator

“Shunte’ works well with many different clients. She is always positive and very reliable." - Stacey and James, co-owners


Congratulations, Shunte’!

Caregiver of the Month Erika (April 2019)


"Erika has really blossomed out of her shell since she started working for us here at Right At Home. Currently Erika has made herself available to work with a client for six of the seven days a week and they just adore her!." - Chris and Kim

"Erika has a very compassionate way about her. Her clients respond very well to this and her attention to detail." - Stacey and James, co-owners

Family Comments:

"Erika is not only an absolutely wonderful caregiver, she has now become more like family to us. She is so thoughtful."

Congratulations, Erika!

Caregiver of the Month Mikayla (March 2019)


"Extremely flexible with her time and schedule. Willing to work with a variety of clients and adjusts to whatever situation presented. Quickly reports concerns or changes to us." - Chris and Kim

"Always conducts herself in a professional manner. (We) don’t know where she finds her patience some days." - Stacey and James, co-owners

Family Comments:

"Mikayla is very independent and able to think ahead for me. She recognizes my needs and takes care of it. I like that very much "

Thank you, Mikayla!

Caregiver of the Month, Christina (February 2019)


"Christina is very friendly and is willing to help her clients with whatever is needed. She really connects with her clients and families." - Chris and Kim

"Christina takes great care of her clients. She goes above and beyond for additional coverage. A hard worker who communicates with the office to advocate for her client’s best interest and well being." - Stacey and James, co-owners

Family Comment:

"Christina always goes the extra mile for my mom. Mom is so very fond of her. She has a heart of gold and a ton of energy. Christina is so very dependable. Congrats to Christina!!"

Thank you and congratulations Christina!

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