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We are deeply grateful to all the hardworking, dedicated people who quietly do so much to improve the lives of those we serve!

September - Sarah L.

We are excited to announce that Sarah Lucero was the caregiver of the month for September!! She became a caregiver because she has a passion for helping people and her favorite part of the job is getting to work with her clients. Her dedication and passion shows in her work and we're so glad she is a part of our team!

August - Diana

Our caregiver of the month for August is Diana! She has only been with us a short while and came to us with no experience. Her true potential as a caregiver has shined through so brightly. She became a caregiver to help and be there for those who need it. When asked what she loved about being a caregiver she said, "The feeling I get knowing everyday I help someone and getting to know all my wonderful clients." Thank you for your amazing care Diana!

Happy Anniversary

We want to wish a Happy Anniversary to our caregivers celebrating one year of serving our clients. Here are our caregiver anniversaries from our first quarter (January-March). From left to right: Bernadette, Rebecca and Jodie. We would like to give a huge thank you to Bernadette, Jodie and Rebecca who have all been with us 1 year. We appreciate all that you do for us and for your clients!

Bernadette, Caregiver holding a 1 year anniversary certificate
Caregiver Rebecca holding 1 year anniversary certificate
Caregiver Jodie holding 1 year anniversary certificate

June - Taylor

Taylor has been with us for over a year and in that time, we have seen that she truly has a heart for caregiving. When asked what she liked most about being a caregiver she said, “I love my clients, building relationships with them and being their support at times of need.” Each client she goes to will tell us afterwards how great she was and that they want her back. Taylor has always loved healthcare and being a caregiver gives her the opportunity to really get to know her clients. She thinks about and loves all of her present clients and past ones. Taylor, thank you for always helping us out and being an amazing addition to our team!

May - Brooke

Brooke is our May caregiver of the month! Brooke was chosen for her willingness to go above and beyond for her clients. Our On Call Supervisor said, "Brooke ALWAYS helps last minute and without hesitation." Brooke became a caregiver because she thinks it is important to care for those who need it. She likes building a connection with people and hearing their stories. When asked if she had anything to share Brooke said, "Every time I leave my shift one of my clients always thanks me for all that I do for her. It always makes me smile and feel good." Thank you for all you do Brooke!

Photo of Mariah, Employee of the Month

April - Maria

This is Maria Trujillo our Caregiver of the Month of April. She decided to become a caregiver 12 years ago because of how much she enjoys helping others. She told me, "The elderly are the best kind of people to learn from." Here is her advice to other caregivers, "I think the key to helping people is to listen and understand their way of life as we are all so different but the same."

Photo of Maria, April Employee of the Month

March - Mariah

Mariah is our caregiver of the month for March! Mariah became apart of our team in November of 2019 because she likes to help people. She has shown she truly has the heart for caregiving! Mariah likes caregiving for many reasons but she especially hearing the client's stories and about their life.

Cory B holding certificate for February Caregiver of the Month

February - Cory B.

Cory has only been with Right at Home for two short months, but in that time, he has become a valued and highly requested caregiver. Cory has a compassionate heart, and an amazing work ethic. He is quick to help out wherever he is needed, and makes sure that every client feels valued and special. His long-term goal is to become a registered nurse, but for now he enjoys making his clients laugh and making a difference in their life. Cory’s advice to other caregivers in his field is “No matter what, always be kind.” Thank you, Cory, for be such an asset to our team. You truly deliver the Right Care!

Brenda R holding Caregiver of the Month certificate in front of red brick wall

September - Brenda R.

Congratulations to Brenda R., our September Caregiver of the Month! Brenda started with Right at Home Albuquerque in March of this year. Since then, Brenda’s clients have consistently complimented the wonderful care that she provides, along with her kind and compassionate demeanor.

What made you become a caregiver?

I love helping people! I previously worked with children, and after taking several years off to raise my own children, I decided to begin working with the elderly. So far, it has been so rewarding!

What do you like to do in your free time?
I enjoy relaxing with my dogs and watching movies/cooking.

What are your goals for the next few years?
I recently completed my CNA training. I’d like to continue training and taking care of myself, so that I can provide the best care for my loved ones and clients.

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