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With changes from the recent Covid-19 pandemic, employees all over are challenging themselves to find meaning in the work they do.

"Crisis is an opportunity," Fontanez told Business Insider in a recent interview. "It asks us to pause and look deeply and honestly at all the things we have been doing day in and day out without really thinking about whether those things fulfilled us, played on our strengths, or aligned with our own purpose."

In some cases, the recent “stay at home” orders have given people the time to reflect on their career choices, and seek out those moments and duties that brought them joy and fulfillment.Did those moments allow you to utilize your talents? And possibly, bring joy to someone else?

“Do what you Love, and Success will come.” Success is measured in many different ways.Finding a company that supports your idea of bringing success to others is important.

“Personally, I like the one on one interactions and I like feeling like I have made a positive difference in someone's life. I like the fact that I am doing something that I believe in and that is the importance of keeping people in their own homes where they have memories and are more comfortable,” explained Tammy, who previously worked at Meijer Groceries, Pharmacy, Electronics, Home and Style.

Jenny S. added, “As a person who works in another profession, (teaching) RAH allows me flexibility working in summer and after school, it is manageable and because shifts are often in short increments, I can pick up a few shifts but it isn’t my whole day and it is fulfilling.”

Another new hire, Laura, used to clean in an office setting, but now she cleans and does even more, helping clients maintain their lives at home, and sees the happiness it brings them.

If you are ready for a meaningful career improving the lives of seniors, apply to become a Right at Home caregiver today.

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