Feeling Self Worth - Staying Active With Cooking

All of our clients have a lifetime of knowledge and some wisdom to share.

At Right at Home, we try to listen a larger portion of the time, so that the focus and attention is on each client as a person.

Everyone needs someone to share with, and one on one care allows them to have the time to share. 

Whether giving transportation to an appt., and sharing thoughts/ feelings about the appt.  Or making a meal together in the kitchen – one that is to burdensome for them to make on their own… time allows someone to share a part of themselves, while getting the care they need.

Sharing knowledge and wisdom also helps people to feel connected. 

When I helped my Great Grandma to clean, I learned more than I ever did about cleaning and the details thereof.  She was very detailed.  It taught me ways to improve my own cleaning.

Please enjoy the following excerpt from one of our amazing caregivers, Barb, about the ways that her client shares knowledge and inspiration with her, as she helps him:

“I have had the privilege of being Herbert’s caregiver for several years. At age 97 Herbert is still motivated and very much wants to enjoy each day.  Of course, there are days that he is more aware of his limitations, but he has shown me unimaginable perseverance. Having had a hip replacement at 95, Herbert came through with flying colors, due to his continued attitude of being in control of himself, and his health.

One of the many ways he stays active, is his cooking. He has taught me many different ways of cooking. Recipes from around the world, using ingredients I had never used before, and now they are a staple in my pantry. Health recipes are the main goal for Herbert, lots of vegetables and spices. He is very creative and if at the time he doesn’t have the ingredient he needs, he simply improvises!  …always with a delicious result.

Reading is another way Herbert stays connected. Keeping informed of the current world events by reading magazines and newspapers, as well as using his iPad to retrieve many articles. Always eager and willing to discuss topics of many interests.  He has introduced me to several magazines that now arrived in my mailbox each month.

During the difficult times we have all had with Covid, Herbert has taught me that being alone does not mean being lonely. I am certain he has had some lonely times, but he is determined, and continues to cook and read, and finds ways to keep himself engaged, even while dealing with his limitations.

Some of Herbert's many recipes that he and I have enjoyed cooking together include Hazelnut Biscotti, Chicken Stew With Yogurt and Coconut, and Lentil and Orzo Stew With Roasted Eggplant!"

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