What is Naturopathy Medicine?

Naturopathy looks at health holistically. With a focus on natural remedies that help the body to self-heal, naturopathic medicine emphasizes disease prevention and health maintenance. Naturopathy is not supposed to be about pursuing pharmaceutical treatments, it’s about getting back to basics and applying natural medicine the way the body needs.

I am Patty Hietpas, a certified naturopath and a non-physician practitioner who can help direct individuals in holistic health hcoices with a doctorate in naturopathy. Since I opened my senior home care agency Right at Home with my husband Tref in 2010, I have been an advocate of integrating naturopathic medicine in our client’s care plans to improve their health.

My focus is always on health and people. And in home care, we’re able to assist clients with living as healthfully as possible every day. Natural healthcare assists the body to heal itself. There are a lot of diseases caused by inflammation, and inflammation is caused by a lot of unhealthy choices people make in their lives.

There are five areas that I focus on: nutrition, exercise, sleep, building healthy interpersonal relationships and maintaining mindfulness in daily life. To read more about how these natural healthcare approaches can enhance a person’s well-being, read the full article here.

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