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A caregiver opening the door of an old blue truck before helping his client into the passenger seat. A caregiver opening the door of an old blue truck before helping his client into the passenger seat.

Caregiver Benefits

The Right at Home Culture

Mission: Improve the Lives of Those we Serve;

Help our clients Thrive, not just Survive, through Person- Centered Care

Maintaining Right at Home as the Employer of Choice Through the Culture of Teamwork, Support, Wages, and Benefits

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  • Recognize and Reward the Best
  • Develop and Train the Best
  • Hire the Best

What Are We Doing for You?

Right at Home’s office Staff Promise:

  • Answer all calls with respect and help in finding the right answer.
  • Provide the very best in information they can about each client, as well as help to continue to support the development of care, and of the care plan.
  • Answer all questions and support all ideas with respect to the caregiver and the client, as timely as possible
  • Offer training sessions at least monthly in person, to provide a well rounded scope of knowledge for the position.
  • Suggest and request training that can help in knowledge in care for each individual client
  • Individually train care staff or arrange for training from a competent staff for those that ask for more help and training in any area they are not fully comfortable with care for their clients.
  • More detailed information when Onboarding with Right at Home
  • New staff will receive Follow up phone calls the first 6 months with Right at Home, having a personal connection for help and support

Employee Empowerment

Benefits to Employees

  • Competitive wages, offering higher than normal in this area for same work
  • Performance and skill-based increases (3 or 6 month reviews, followed by annual reviews)
  • Short shift premiums – starting at $15 for a 75 minute shift
  • Cancellation pay – 2 hours pay if cancelled on a shift within 4 hours of the shift ; paid until the end of the scheduled shift if left go early by the client
  • We offer Short Term Disability (half employer paid) as well as Dental and Vision Insurance to all employees consistently over 30 hours.
  • Paid travel time between shifts
  • Paid On Call opportunities – extra pay for nights and weekends
  • Flexible scheduling – you create your availability based on conversation about client needs, as well; we do our best to meet your availability preference; 2 weeks notice required for request offs, 30 days notice for change of schedule
  • Consistent schedule, in most cases
  • Possibility of Cash Advance – based on hours worked and tenure with the company
  • Direct Deposit after 90 days (60 days Green Bay staff)
  • Online schedule available anytime 24/7
  • Paid training: in-house in-services, RAHU assigned when completed by due date
  • Unlimited access to RAHU – great topics/ training
  • CEU’s for certain webinars – request if interested
  • Professional and Career Development – Ask about our support of the CNA program
  • Opportunities for Advancement: Specialist Trainers, On Call management team, Office Support, Lead Caregiver

Puzzle Success

  • Retirement Fund with a RAH matching 3% available after 1 year with the company
  • Paid Time off up to 40 hours– earned in the first year of employment, to be taken the following year. See handbook for calculations
  • Longevity Recognition (New!) – we appreciate the longevity of our team

Extra Pay through the Quarterly Incentive program through meeting criteria of:

  • Reliability (pays $.20/hr for all hours worked)
  • 5 Star …(pays $.20/ hr. for all hours worked, up to a $50 maximum award)
  • Above and Beyond $25 reward – keep office staff posted on extra special stories of things you’ve done with your clients, above the normal call of care

Referral bonus – regularly $50 for caregiver referral, with specials now and then for $100 after 90 days and so many hours

  • Referral bonus of $100 for a client referral paid after 50 hours of care
  • RAH RAH Bucks – special rewards for on the Spot help
  • Lunches, Open Houses and special offerings by RAH for opportunities to socialize with your peers, the office staff, your co-workers
  • NEW: Salary Benefits offering for full time with minimum time of 90 days with RAH, to help staff pay for things like dental, vision, medical, chiropractic
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Employee Expectations - Keys to Success

Key to Success

Scope of Duties:

Medication is not to be administered. Medications must be set up on a pill box, clearly indicating the day and time it is to be given.

RAH provides light housekeeping. Caregivers are not to perform heavy cleaning or yardwork duties, except gardening, as it may be therapeutic or enjoyable for the client as well.

RAH provides transportation to clients. Prior to driving, provide the office staff with current proof of insurance. RAH will conduct a DMV background check on caregivers. If you provide transportation, your vehicle must be in good repair. Mileage will be paid for transportation in the caregiver’s car.

Caregivers generally do not provide banking services for clients. If you are requested to do so, contact the office for direction.

RAH and caregivers are bound by state and federal regulations for maintaining client confidentiality and privacy. Client details are not to be discussed except as needed within the office to provide appropriate care to the client.

Emergencies and Personal Safety

  • Caregivers are to follow all guidelines in the scope of work as described and taught for safety and injury prevention
  • Contact the office if there are any changes to the client’s condition, such as illness or injury. 
  • Call 911 and the office any time a client is injured or falls and is unable to get up. If a client falls and is able to get up with a safe one person assist, caregiver may assist. If there is any chance of injury to the caregiver or the client, then contact the non-emergency 911 number or alert their lifeline. 
  • If the client is on Hospice, contact hospice prior to calling 911. The phone number should be on the refrigerator and/ or in our care plan.
  • If a client passes away, report it to the office immediately, after hospice, if client is on hospice.
  • If you are asked to do something not in the care plan, contact the office promptly. 
  • Never leave your client until relief has come if we are providing back to back shifts. Never leave a client shift early, even at the request of the client. Contact the office for direction.

Maintain a Professional Enviornment

  • While in the client’s home, remember that even though services are being provided, you are a guest in the client’s home. RAH expects caregivers to adhere to the following:
  • Maintain a professional appearance: Scrubs and enclosed flat shoes are required. Use professional vocabulary and do not curse. Maintain proper hygiene. Wear RAH name tag and apparel or scrubs at all times. (unless special circumstances with clients)
  • Only commit to client care that you are able to fulfill. Ask questions about the clients’ needs, length of assignment, location, at the time you are being offered the position. RAH wants to provide continuity of care for clients, and providing stable staffing is key to this process. 
  • Complete all tasks listed in the care plan and complete care notes. 
  • Address clients by their name, preferably by their last name, until you are invited to address otherwise. 
  • Many clients receive comfort from pets in their home. If you are unwilling to provide services in a home with pets, please advise the RAH scheduling coordinator in the beginning of employment.
  • Do NOT share details of your personal life with clients, and do not allow your family or friends in the client’s home. Never bring a child or other family member or friend to a client’s home. 
  • Ask the client if they would like you to answer the phone. Request to use the clients’ phone as needed for client related issues only (not for personal use). Caregivers are to bring their personal cell phones to shifts and keep it on vibrate for use in case of emergencies or for urgent communication from the office if you can’t be reached on the client’s phone, or if power goes out. 
  • Caregivers are to provide their own food as needed for their shifts. Do not use the client’s laundry or shower for personal use. 
  • Caregivers are not to borrow items or accept gifts or money from clients. Contact the office is you should be offered money or gifts, so the appropriate channels can be taken, for approval.
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Communication With the OfficeCommunication Icons

  • Office staff are available 24 hours/ day, 7 days/ week, at 920-257-4667. Call this number to report any emergencies, if you have urgent questions regarding the client, or if you must call off for your shift due to sickness. Speak personally to office staff, do not leave a message. Excessive call offs may result in reduced shifts or termination. 
  • Ensure your phone is charged, on, and voice mail is also set up. 
  • Respond timely to all calls from the office by promptly calling or texting a response. Should your contact information change, notify the office asap, so that we have your information should we need to let you know changes. 
  • All schedule changes are to be made final through the office only. If the client is talking with you about schedule changes, guide them to call the office or better yet, call together. 
  • If you anticipate arriving late to a shift, contact the office so that we may advise the client. Do NOT contact the client directly. Excessive tardiness may result in less shifts or termination. 

Telephony/Other Reminders

  • Caregivers clock in and out of shifts using the client’s phone to contact the Telephony System. Remember to request permission to use the client’s phone. This system generates your paycheck, so if you do not check in and out, the payroll system does not know you are working. Using your cell phone will not activate the Telephony System.
  • While on duty do not wear ripped jeans, flip-flops, pajama bottoms, shorts, or spaghetti strapped shirts. If the client requests no scrubs, clothing should be professional and should not contain inappropriate logos or emblems.
  • Long hair is to be pulled back. Ear piercings are acceptable, but all others that are visible are to be removed while on duty.

Reminder Note

RAH Appreciates and Rewards Referrals

  • Employees earn $100 for each client referral (after 50 hours of care)
  • Employees earn $100/ $50 for each caregiver referral after 90 days, (amount depending on whether the referral is more than 25 hours/ week or less than 25 hours/ week.
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What our Caregivers Say About Us

"Patty, your acts of kindness Thur thank you's and bonuses only reinforces the good choice I made to work for RAH. Thank you!" - Karen