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A caregiver opening the door of an old blue truck before helping his client into the passenger seat. A caregiver opening the door of an old blue truck before helping his client into the passenger seat.

Caregiver Reviews

Compassionate, Caring, and Responsible

When you leave your job at the end of the day, are you looking for that sense of personal fulfillment? Do you want to know you've made somebody's life a little bit better because of the work you did?

At Right at Home we work every day to improve the quality of life for those we serve. Doing so is so important to us it's our company's mission statement. We hire caregivers who want to make a difference in the lives of those in their care. As a company, our job is to give caregivers the direction and tools they need to fulfill their personal mission of service.

Right People

Most Professional & Passionate People in the Business

  • Community Involvement
  • Reliability & Quality
  • Extensive Training & Support Program
  • Comprehensive Care Staff Screening & Selection
  • Continuous Care Staff Education Program


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Read what our caregivers have to say:

"Some of the training is hands on. Some of the training shows me how to do things, and other trainings are on the computer, which works well to do on my own right."

- Donna

"They take the time to make sure I'm comfortable as well as the clients."

"They look at what I am able to do as a caregiver, the experience I have had, and put me with someone who will match with their issues and what is going on with them. They don't just throw me out with anybody."

"The office personnel is very good with me. Any questions that I have are always answered. They have a quarterly program. I get little bonuses through that program. They also have special lunches and things like that ."

- Sandra

"I like the flexibility with scheduling and the friendliness in the office." “The training helped me to be able to adapt to different client's needs.”

- Ashley

"They are really on time with their communication. They email me if something is wrong, and if I'm forgetting something, they make sure to remind me, which is really nice of them. The owner also takes the time to get to know me."

"They tell me I do a good job. The owner is excellent." 

- Barbara L.

"They treat me quite well. I worked for other agencies and I find that working for them, they pay me right, plus they give incentives and they're always thankful for whenever we can go in. I feel like they're right with their employees" 

- Joyce

"One night, they had a get together with hors d'oeuvres and drinks. They will also do little contests. This is the happiest I have been in a job since I stopped teaching." 

- Richelle

"We have get togethers or a pot luck. They do awards every quarter." 

- Angela