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A caregiver opening the door of an old blue truck before helping his client into the passenger seat. A caregiver opening the door of an old blue truck before helping his client into the passenger seat.

Caregiver Training

Our Caregivers are Passionate about what they do, which creates an environment for the best Training and Support, and ultimately for the results of BEST CARE in a Great TEAM environment.

It starts in the very beginning:

Right at Home Appleton/ Green Bay employs people who are passionate about caring for others! We hire individuals with the passion to provide the best care and add to the training and experience they bring, so we have a fully Capable and Confident Team.

Our training consists of hands on training, online courses, as well as in-services. We also take advantage of collaboration with community partners for additional resources to help with a well rounded scope of care.

We have a Right at Home University online, with over 400 courses on all diagnoses and diseases, as well as safety and procedures. Our staff are welcome to use an in-office computer, if they do not have the facilities for this at home. Additionally, there is a traditional library of material in the office for learning.


All new caregivers go through our orientation, which is put on by several office TEAM members. Our company policies and procedures are covered, as well as many other topics: Professionalism, Communication/ Documentation, Safety, Injuries, Expectations, Our Promise to new care staff and Our Promise to clients, HIPPA, Elder Abuse, and Basic Skills Testing.

We identify caregiver who need extra skills training, such as making an occupied bed, brief changing, transfers, catheter care and more. We schedule time to work together for proper body mechanics and ultimately building confidence in new skills as well as older skills.

At the end of orientation, all new caregivers are scheduled for 5 online training classes, as well as being scheduled for shadowing another Lead Caregiver at a clients’ in which they will be working.

Depending upon their skill level, they may also be scheduled for more skills training.

Note: Some caregivers may not want to do hands on personal care, which is fine. Our office team appropriately matches our caregivers to our clients. 

Training Specific to Each Client

Continuous Introductions and training are done at each new client’s home for each caregiver, so that there is comfort and knowledge about each client and their situation and surroundings.

And, of course, all caregivers can call for support at all times. 

Ongoing Training

Specialty Classes:

  • RAH Certified Hospice Training – Right at Home spends time with a portion of our staff training on Hospice care. This is a special type of care. Understanding the needs of individuals with chronic and terminal illnesses takes a special person. Our vision is providing compassionate physical and emotional support to the client and family, respecting the unique goals of each, and recognizing and caring for needs, with competent care. It is the desire of so many people to stay at home until the very end of their days.  We work alongside the Medicare Hospice company, to provide the complete solution and help them do just that.
  • Dementia/Alzheimer’s Class – Our Care Staff are taught understanding and skills to care specifically for those with cognitive decline. There are many clients with Alzheimer's or other dementia diagnosis, who need a great deal of special care, and others who have cognitive decline along with other challenges they are facing. It is very important to give our staff as many “Tools in the Tool Box” as we can to help them with each client individually. We know that each client feels supported when feeling understood.
  • Our Very Special Cognitive Support Class – This is training at a new level, and is a new addition to Right at Home.  It is a model of care put together by Jackie Pool and adopted by Right at Home.  We have become certified in Cognitive Support and have are starting to train certain staff for this specialty level of care, that goes much more in depth, almost to a level of a therapist, focusing on Abilities and Person-Centered activities, vs. Dis-abilities and in-activity. 
  • Elder Abuse Classes, Nutrition and Hydration, as well as many other rotating class subjects that provide education and support to help our clients live at home, no matter the disability. 
  • Monthly Articles are sent out – educating on different subjects.
  • Right at Home University – our Care Staff are assigned 2 classes per month regarding educational subjects regarding caregiving and professionalism

Our Caregiver Training Programs

Right at Home Appleton believes in the development of our care staff to ensure that you receive the best care for you and your loved ones.

The Compassionate Touch Program

Compassionate Touch Certified

Compassionate Touch TrainingIn partnership with the Age-u-cate® Training Institute, we are proud to now have the expertise to incorporate Compassionate Touch® in our care to create a more positive environment for those we serve.

Compassionate Touch® is a holistic approach that combines skilled touch with compassionate presence to enhance quality of likf for those in the later stages of life

Designed to ease physical, behavioral and emotional distress, the approach provides symptom relief and comfort resulting in greater well-being and quality of life. And with a focus on empowering care-partners, it emphasizes giving both professional and family caregivers a way to connect with, calm and comfort.

Compassionate Touch® combines specialized techniques - focused, gentle skilled touch of the hands, back and feet - with the qualities of compassionate presence, the art of being -with the person, rather than the disease or condition.

Our Compassionate Touch® program brings together the world of medical technology and treatment with the human side of care.

Donna Compassionate Touch Training
Patty Compassionate Touch Training
Tina Compassionate Touch Training

Donna, Patty and Tina during Compassionate Touch® Training

Care Management and Formal Training Offered to New Caregivers