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Improving Patient Well-Being After a Hospitalization

Transition Care, helping senior client stand with walker after surgery

Our RightTransitions® program is specifically designed to assist patient and families to work with other healthcare providers so that re admissions can be prevented and patient care will be improved.

RightTransitions Focuses On Recovery

When recovery at home is the focus, Right at Home is the answer to managing:

  • Transportation  (Groceries, Medication pick-up, Follow-up Dr.'s appointments)
  • Proper-Nutrition/Meal Prep
  • Medication Reminders
  • Safety and Ambulation
  • Physical Therapy Exercise Reminders and Assistance, and more...
Care Transition FAQs What Are Care Transitions?

RightTransitions Supports Patient Outcomes and Improves Discharge Processes

When a loved one is discharged from the hospital or rehab, the effects of their condition aren't necessarily gone. This often makes adjusting to daily life difficult, especially for seniors, which can increase their risk for readmission. Right at Home Atlanta's RightTransitions® program has experience with those needing assistance with several care scenarios.

Additional RightTransitions Resources

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