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A caregiver opening the door of an old blue truck before helping his client into the passenger seat. A caregiver opening the door of an old blue truck before helping his client into the passenger seat.

Client Reviews

Defining Our Success Through the Words of Clients and Loved Ones

Nothing means more to Right at Home Round Rock's leaders and care staff than the words of clients, clients' families, and their loved ones. Their opinions, comments, and feedback are vital to consistently providing the professional, personal, and compassionate care clients deserve. We're proud of what our clients and their loved ones regularly share with us because it helps make us better at what we do, serving you.

Female Client Sitting Outdoors With Female Caregiver Female Client Sitting Outdoors With Female Caregiver

Reviews Help Others Find Quality Care

Reviews are as trusted as personal recommendations and according to statistics sometimes more trusted. Sharing your experiences can help others find the care and support they deserve when searching for senior home care in Round Rock and surrounding communities. Your comments offer reassurance that Right at Home Round Rock is a team of highly-trained, professional, and compassionate caregivers with only client needs in mind. Please take a moment to write a review of your experiences with Right at Home. We appreciate you, and we know others looking for care will benefit from your review. Thank you!

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Stepping Up To Make a Difference

"Right At Home saved my sanity at a time when I had nowhere to turn for help. My husband, Jim, had been told by his oncologist three months earlier that his small lung cancer was no longer treatable by chemotherapy, and that his prognosis was between two and three months. They put us in touch with our local Hospice, who was available to take care of him for the rest of his life.

The first two months we spent seeing our attorney, and making his final arrangements. Then in the first week of the third month, Jim began to exhibit the symptoms we had been warned about, such as forgetfulness, extreme tiredness, falling and unable to eat because he was not hungry.

We soon discovered that the Hospice was unable to provide the necessary care we had expected. I knew that I was unable to give Jim the care he needed because I had had heart bypass surgery and was unable to lift more than ten pounds at a time. When the Hospice suggested that Jim be transferred to a nursing home, he became very distressed, so I told him that I would find a way so that he did not have to go. In-home care was the answer. Read the entire letter...

Client in bed Client in bed

Compassionate Care When Needed Most

Thank you to Our Caregivers Bridgette and Tony!


"My grandfather (98 years) lives in a facility in a small town in TX. We take turns going out to be with him and get him to and from his off-facility Doctor visits. With our schedules it has been hard and expensive to coordinate and fly out every time we need to take him off-site, and going alone with the van driver causes him extreme anxiety. When Care first became available I was disappointed because they didn’t have any services in that remote part of Austin and my request could not be filled so we made the needed arrangements for November. After that, I quickly realized how hard care was working to bring on a service provider in that area. Within weeks they found a wonderful partner (Right at Home) and they were able to pair a care giver with my grandpa for his visit last month. I only had to pay $4 total for Bridget to go to and from the Dr. with him and I just wanted you to know the value this benefit has to families in need of help who are separated by distance like mine. One more thing I learned is that after the 10 days of care is used, our service provider is going to honor the contracted rate for per hour, which is significantly less than their regular premium rate. It is much appreciated!"— Eric, Tony's grandson


"Hello Ms. Greenwalt, I would like to introduce myself; my name is Angela, Tony (98) is my father-in-law. I first want to tell you how thankful we are that Starbucks has implemented this wonderful benefit, that my son, Eric, who lives in Seattle, can share with his family. The service your company provides has truly been a life saver for me. Knowing you are there for dad has alleviated my stress and anxiety. For the last four years I have been flying back and forth to Texas to be with dad on an average of every three months, staying for two to nine weeks at a time. Unfortunately, I have not been able to return to Texas since September 2018 because of my own health issues. I love this man as my own father. My heart’s desire is to be with him. I live in California and as you know, he's in Texas. It has been, both, exhausting and expensive going back and forth. Thank you for the care you provide for families. It has been an invaluable asset, both emotionally and financially, to have and Right at Home to call on. What a blessing and a comfort to know someone will accompany dad to his doctor visits and/or just visit with him. Having this benefit is a wonderful stress reliever and takes away my worries that dad will have a companion when he needs someone. It also alleviates the pressure of calling a family member or friend to go and/or be with dad. Again, thank you so very much for the help you provide." — Angela, Tony's Daughter-in-law

Caregiver Bridgette and Tony Caregiver Bridgette and Tony

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