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6 Tips for Living at Home with Diabetes

These six tips for living at home with diabetes are designed to increase quality of life and keep the bad side effects away!

How to Make Home Safer for Seniors

Your aging loved one wants to live at home, but their home will likely need some modifications to accommodate them. The good news is that even small changes can make all the difference in the world.

4 Things Caregivers Can Learn from Carmen Buck’s "Just See Me: Sacred Stories from the Other Side of Dementia"

Carmen Buck is a Nurse Practitioner and photographer whose focus is in holistic family care. In her new book, Just See Me: Sacred Stories from the Other Side of Dementia, Carmen follows 13 families who are caring for someone with dementia. If you are also a caregiver for someone with dementia, you might be surprised what this new book offers. Here are four things you can learn from her book.

Caring Village App

Families taking care of a loved one know the strain of trying to coordinate appointments and daily activities. Medication management is especially difficult because all family members need to be in-the-know about the latest medications and dosages.

Celebrating Seniors in August

On August 21, people across the United States officially celebrated National Senior Citizens Day, but many will also be honoring senior citizens throughout the month of August. Whether you choose to celebrate on August 21 or other days through the month of August, here are five thoughtful ways to celebrate senior citizens in August.

About National Senior Citizens Day

Every year, communities across the United States commemorate the contributions made by senior citizens with National Senior Citizens Day. This day is a time of the year when we go the extra mile to do something special for a senior citizen in our life.


Right at Home's Alzheimer's Care

Here are the top 4 things to know about Alzheimer’s care with Right at Home. Perhaps you need to return to work, or maybe you just need to go get groceries. No matter the case, Right at Home can help you and your loved one.

What is Dementia

If you have an aging loved one, you are likely in-tune with the changes that are happening as the years pass. You might notice that he or she has more difficulty doing things they once did, but if you begin to notice memory problems, you’ll likely wonder if your loved one is showing signs of dementia.


Caregiver Empathy Relates to Caregiver Burnout

Being a caregiver can be stressful and tiring for many reasons. Perhaps you’ve had to reduce your hours or even quit your job to care for a loved one, or maybe you’ve had to move to take care of an aging parent. The cycle of caregiving can be exciting at times, and it can most definitely be fulfilling. If you are in this role, however, you might begin to feel like you simply can’t do it anymore.


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