How to Make Home Safer for Seniors

Making Home Safer

Your aging loved one wants to live at home, but their home will likely need some modifications to accommodate them. The good news is that even small changes can make all the difference in the world. For instance, one of the greatest risks to seniors is falling. There are a number of things you can do to help prevent the senior in your life from falling, as well as other measures you can take to improve their quality of life.

Starting with simple things to make changes in the home might include removing throw rugs to reduce the likelihood of a fall. Also, removing clutter is another strategy for reducing fall risks. Applying nonskid treads on indoor and outdoor steps is another great idea.

In the bathroom, consider adding a raised toilet seat and grab bars. Adding textured grips in the tub or shower is an inexpensive and fast way to reduce falls. You can also add lighting in halls and closets, as well as motion lights outside the house.

As he or she ages, there might be a need for further accommodations. For instance, if your older adult is using a wheelchair, you might need to consider a ramp, widening doors and halls, and making it easy for your senior to reach things from the wheelchair. Thresholds can be removed from entryways to reduce the likelihood of a fall. In the bathroom, you can add a shower chair or go as far as installing a new walk-in shower, if needed. One other great way to make a home safe for seniors is to install a stair climber. This gives your senior the ability to safely travel up and down the stairs.

The team at Right at Home is available for free in-home assessments to help determine the specific modifications that could benefit your loved one. Through this assessment, you’ll learn free and easy things that can be done as well as bigger issues that might need to be addressed.

Creating a safe home for the loved one in your life can help increase their quality of life and even longevity.

Mackenzie Kelly
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