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Casey's Cause

Casey and Rett"My brother, Rett, was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a very rare form of cancer, at an early age. As he encountered several relapses and his effected area was his spine, it became necessary for him to undergo a reconstructive back surgery. Although a few years passed with no issues after this major surgery, he unfortunately experienced a cavernoma, a cluster of abnormal blood vessels, usually found in the spinal cord, causing him to become paralyzed. With many months of intense inpatient treatment and rehabilitation after his spinal cord trauma and operation, Rett was able to regain some mobility in his legs. Now, he is happy to be living independently at home while using arm crutches for mobility.

During his time of inpatient treatment, I was fortunate enough to assist him in his rehabilitation. I was able to witness his healing process and with that, his need for a wheelchair.

I could not imagine my loved ones not having access to mobility after witnessing the progress and independence he was able to have with all of the resources available to him, including that of his wheelchair.

Now that I have had the ability to witness the need for mobility, I cannot wait to share that gift with others, especially those that do not have access to it.

I have been provided with an amazing opportunity through my agency, Right At Home, to join the Free Wheel Chair mission in traveling to Costa Rica this fall. During my time in Costa Rica, I will be assembling and distributing wheelchairs to individuals who may never have access to this essential resource otherwise. Nobody should have to crawl. Please help me support my mission to allow me to be a part of something so honorable.

50% of the funds raised will go directly to Free Wheelchair Mission and 50% will be used for Casey’s Cause – in her travels to Costa Rica. Right at Home will be hosting a fundraising event in July – more info coming soon!

Just $80 dollars will provide a wheelchair to someone in need!" - Casey Sechler

Casey's GoFundMe page is here

To learn more about the Free Wheelchair Mission and Right at Home's support, visit here.

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