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COVID-19 Update

Right at Home Hill Country continues to monitor evolving COVID-19 information and adjust protocols based on healthcare industry, city, county, state, and federal guidelines. Our goal is to minimize exposure risk to our clients, client families, client loved ones, and our caregiver team. Right at Home Hill Country is fortunate to be connected to an international network of Right at Home offices that are working together to address challenges, with the advice of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization, and other official health authorities.

Caregiver with Client

Our administrative team is working from home during this time to minimize exposure risk. Rest assured our team is always available to serve you or your client’s need 24-hours a day. Right at Home will continue to be responsive, communicative, and customer-focused, the locally owned and operated agency you have come to know.

In times of uncertainty, we feel it’s important for you to know we are here to help. Below are answers to questions we are frequently asked by our clients, facilities, and community partners.



Are you taking new clients during this pandemic?
Yes, we accept new clients and continue to be available 24 hours a day to meet clients’ needs. As with normal business circumstances, we provide free in-home assessments. At this time, assessments are completed in-person if absolutely necessary. To help mitigate exposure risks, if a personal visit is not necessary, our team is equipped to perform assessments via telephone or video chat, and paperwork can be emailed, mailed, or faxed.

We remain on standby to assist you or your loved one with any personal care or companion needs you may have. Once paperwork is completed, we carefully select a caregiver to work one-on-one with your loved one. We always strive for consistency in caregiver, but it’s especially important now to minimize having different caregivers in and out of the home.


I’ve heard facilities are locked down for visitors. What about for caregivers?
While in many cases facilities are locked-down to outside visitors to help prevent the spread of infection to a resident population deemed at risk, healthcare professionals are still generally allowed to enter the building to provide medically necessary services after being screened for symptoms. Non-critical visits, such as visits by family, are unfortunately barred from visitation by most facilities.

As a licensed Personal Assistance Service agency by the State of Texas Department of Health and Human Services, many facilities are still allowing our caregiver team to render care to clients. Each facility varies in protocol and those can change day-to-day. We are happy to work with you to assess any facility and work together to get your loved one care, depending on each facility’s rules and regulations.


What steps is Right at Home taking to help prevent the spread of the virus?
Right at Home has policies, procedures and training programs to help lower the risk of all disease exposure. We closely monitor and follow all local and state rules and regulations. Additionally we have implemented all CDC and WHO recommendations to prevent the spread of the virus.

The following are a few examples of actions Right at Home Hill Country have taken:

  • All clients and caregivers asked screening questions prior to each shift as recommended by the CDC.
  • New client and caregiver introductions are not be done in person unless absolutely necessary.
  • Care plans are shared with providers via phone instead of face-to-face in the home or facility.
  • Updated COVID-19 training for all staff.
  • Caregivers removed from the schedule and directed to contact their physician if showing any COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Caregivers wash their hands immediately upon arrival at a client’s home or facility, and do so frequently during the course of their shift.
  • Caregivers are provided personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves, that are used as often as necessary, particularly when providing personal care.


I’m hesitant to go out in public, but I need groceries. Will there be any caregivers willing to do my shopping for me?
Yes our caregivers will do grocery shopping and ‘Errand Services’ for you or your loved ones. Please contact our office for a list of specific errands we can provide. As always, caregivers will use universal precautions during errands to protect themselves, clients, families, and loved ones.


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