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Terry Darílek, Co-Owner

Terry DarilekRight at Home North Austin and Williamson County is locally owned and operated by Terry Darílek (pictured left) and Sydney Greenwalt (pictured below). Terry and Sydney’s mission is to improve the quality of life for those they serve. Terry and Sydney do this by providing high quality caregivers to serve you.

Prior opening Terry and Sydney’s Right at Home office, located in Round Rock, TX, and shorty after receiving his Bachelors of Business Administration from Sam Houston State University, Professional Land Management from University of Houston Downtown, and Advanced Petroleum Land Management Certificate from University of Houston Downtown, Terry had a very successful career as a Landman in the O&G industry. Throughout his O&G career, Terry worked in several states including, but not limited to, TX, LA, NM, WY, CO, NE, and WV.

Terry proudly served his county right out of high school, as a Submarine Electronics Technician for the U.S. Navy, stationed in Groton, CT. While doing so, he was awarded the National Defense Service Medal, and continues, to this day, to support any and all Veteran related programs and Veteran owned/operated businesses.

In 2014, Terry met Sydney Greenwalt, who was, at the time, working for her mother, Kristen Carlson, Owner of Right at Home Galveston and Brazoria Counties. Over the next couple of years, Terry had the unique and equally as wonderful opportunity of attending numerous events sponsored by Right at Home, as Sydney and Kristen’s guest. After meeting several other Owners within the Right at Home system, along with several members of Right at Home’s corporate staff, Terry soon came to realize why Sydney and Kristen were so very passionate about their choice of career within the home care industry, and furthermore, through Right at Home.

In his spare time, Terry loves to spend time with his girlfriend, Sydney, his pup, Metro, and his family and friends. Terry also loves to travel, attend art exhibits put on by his Artist friends, visit local eateries and breweries/wineries, attend local events, stay physically active by working out at the gym on a daily basis, and partake in any and all events that give back to the community.

Sydney Greenwalt, Co-Owner

Sydney Greenwalt

Sydney Greenwalt initially began her career as an Interior Designer in 2012 when she received her BFA in Interior Design. Sydney worked on several residential design projects that included renovations to accommodate elderly and disabled individuals. In January 2014, Sydney started a new path as HR Manager for Right at Home in Galveston, Texas – owned by Sydney’s mother, Kristen Carlson. Although Sydney enjoyed design work, her passion was for helping others, and her family’s experience with in-home care is a personal one.

“In the early 2000’s, my great-aunt was in her 90’s and living home alone. She never married and never had children. My parents and I interviewed several companies in the area and no one seemed focused on providing the best quality care for my great-aunt (we called her Fifi). We would ask if Fifi could meet the caregiver beforehand to make sure they were a good fit – after all, they would be providing bathing assistance and seeing her naked, so a meet-and-greet would be ideal in order for her to feel comfortable. One company in particular said they would not allow this and would simply send someone. Needless to say, we did not choose a provider. My family provided the care ourselves, and Fifi was able to live independently at home until she passed away. Fifi left my mother a small inheritance and she used it to open Right at Home.”

Sydney worked for Right at Home of Greater Galveston as H.R. Manager in 2014, then moved in to a role as Staffing Coordinator and eventually Office Manager in 2015. In March of 2016, Sydney and her partner, Terry, had the opportunity to purchase their own Right at Home in North Austin.

“I learned so much from my mother in my childhood years and in adulthood that has allowed me to confidently run a business I am proud of. I have spread my wings and expanded the legacy of my great-aunt, Fifi, in order to improve the quality of life for those we serve. Our caregivers are as important as our clients, and I wish I could have brought all of them with me to Austin from Galveston!”

Mackenzie Kelly, Director Client Care

Mackenzie Kelly

Mackenzie Kelly is the Care Coordinator and Alternate Administrator at Right at Home where she is responsible for helping provide the best quality of care for clients. Born and raised in Austin, Mackenzie chose to pursue her passion for helping others from a young age. During high school, she became a Certified Nurse’s Aide (CNA). After high school, she spent eight years serving as a firefighter at the Jollyville Fire Department and then two years in emergency management at Williamson County. She trained at the TEEX Fire Academy at Texas A&M University and in emergency management at the American Military University. These early experiences of guiding others through some of the darkest moments of their lives helped her to develop a strong and crucial ability to remain calm under pressure and to recognize the importance of being a team player and taking responsibility.

Mackenzie’s commitment to making a difference in her community and in the lives of others has helped her to earn many accolades. In 2016, she was appointed to the City of Austin Commission for Women by the Austin City Council. In 2012, she was personally appointed by Governor Rick Perry to the Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities. Her work in emergency management has also helped her to become a recognized fellow of the Emergency Management Academy.

Mackenzie’s grandfather was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer and she was there to see him through the transition to his end of life. Her family approached Right at Home to get the right care for her grandfather and in turn discovered a valuable source of support. Her grandfather passed away on April 14, 2016, but the support and love she received from Right at Home helped her to later discover not just a job but a family. She is proud and excited to work with Terry and Sydney, a dynamic team at Right at Home who bring a wealth of knowledge in providing the best quality and right care for their clients and their families.

Mackenzie is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from American Public University. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her daughter Rebekah, age 7, who is the light and love of her life. You can frequently find Mackenzie and Rebekah gardening, swimming, fishing and rock-climbing together.

Casey Sechler, Director of Employee Relations

Casey Sechler

Casey was born and raised in Augusta, Georgia, where she attended college at Augusta State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Psychology. Always knowing she wanted to be in a position to help others, she decided to move to Austin, Texas to pursue her career. During this time however, her experience with helping others became a personal one.

Her brother, who has struggled with many health issues all his life, fell ill and was unexpectedly in the hospital for months at a time. With the need for someone to care for him, Casey traveled to and from Austin to aide him in his healing process. Being able to help her brother allowed her to realize she then wanted to obtain a job in physical health, leading her to find Right At Home.

A few months into serving as both a caregiver and Director of Employee Relations for Right At Home, Casey’s father also became ill. Unfortunately, living out of town, she was unable to care for her father at the time and hired Right At Home in Augusta, Georgia to care for him. Although her father passed shortly after care began she is grateful she can now be in a position to help other families in need, ultimately bringing her happiness and the hope to grow with the Right At Home family.

Although Casey has plans in the future to further her education, in her down time she enjoys spending time with her friends and out of town family when able. She also enjoys traveling, hiking, and camping. If not outside, you’ll catch her spending time with her cat, Leo, watching whatever documentaries she can find.

Metro Darilek-Greenwalt, Security Officer

Metro the DogMetro is the son of Sydney and Terry. Every day is Bring Your Dog to Work Day! He is subcontracted as the office Security Officer for Right at Home. He alerts the office staff with a menacing bark if anyone approaches the office door. Don’t let that fool you, though—he also provides much-needed companionship and comfort to the office staff on difficult days. Once you’ve earned his friendship, you’ll be his friend for life.

Metro loves to lay on the desk and review paperwork before it’s mailed out. Metro also started a “Mascot of the Month” program with Right at Home. Our caregivers have the opportunity to submit photos of their pets and then vote on their favorite each month. Monthly winners receive a prize, and then an annual winner is selected for an even BIGGER prize. This engages the caregivers and gives Metro the opportunity to get to know other animals. Metro also enjoys long walks in the park, car rides, playing with his many, MANY toys, and of course...eating treats!

Frank Ol' Blue Eyes Kelly, Social Engagement Officer

Frank the DogFrank is Right At Home’s Social Engagement Officer. He is currently a subcontractor with Right at Home when he is not working as a Service Dog for his handler, Mackenzie. When he is working for his handler, his job is very important. While his Service Dog job is very interesting, it’s bound by confidentiality. Frank’s presence in Mackenzie’s life has vastly improved her quality of life, as he is trained to do work to help make her life easier.

Frank has gone through many hours of training, and continues to train regularly. He learns every day, alongside Mackenzie, in order to stay smart and responsible. Frank and Mackenzie also work with Eagle’s Wing Dog Training on specific task related training. Due to his classification as a service dog, he is able to accompany Mackenzie in any location that is normally accessible to the public whether or not health codes or business policy would normally allow a dog to enter, provided he behaves properly and does not interfere with normal operations.

Frank met Mackenzie in a very non-traditional way, that turned into a blessing. Mackenzie’s doctor and her had been discussing a service dog for over two years. In 2017, while on-call, a client called to say that their friend was giving away a dog that was biting the ear of its sibling dog. Mackenzie was told that it was a cute dog, and that it was a hypoallergenic breed that was 15 lbs. and that he would be “taken fast”. Mackenzie called the friend of the client and drove over to meet Frank. Frank immediately ran over to her, and has been at her side ever since.

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