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What it is:

Right at Home’s “Mascot of the Month Club” is open to all Right at Home Caregivers! Send us a photo of your pet and they are entered to win a spotlight in our Mascot of Month section on our website, along with a $25 gift card! Furthermore, if your pet is elected Mascot of the Month, he or she is eligible for the Mascot of the Year Award, which will be presented at our annual Caregiver Holiday Party, along with a $50 gift card.

How to enter:

Text or e-mail a photo of your pet to or to 512-395-7990. Be sure to include your pet’s name and a brief statement about them! Submissions will be reviewed the last day of the month and winners will be announced every first week of the month. You can re-submit the same photo every month if you are not a winner...or try another pet!

July 2018 Winner: Billy Joe

Billy the GoatOf ALL the family pets, including dogs, chickens, and ducks, Billy Joe is the head honcho of the bunch. He’s also really smart, and spoiled. Billy Joe will hit his horns against the side of the house at 6:00 AM…just to tell his sleeping parents that he is ready for breakfast! As you can see in the photo, he’s also a great climber! Congratulations, Billy Joe!

Billy Joe’s Mom: Kymber

Kymber recently came to our Right at Home Family at the end of June 2018, but we couldn’t imagine working without her. Kymber recently volunteered to work with Kindred Hospice and Right at Home to assist their clients in the greater Austin area. Kindred sang her praises and we are all so lucky to have her working with us. Congratulations, Billy Joe and Kymber! We are so fortunate to have you as part of our Right at Home team!


June 2018 Winner: Bandit

Bandit the Dog

Bandit is a handsome rottweiler and is just under four years old. Bandit also has two aliases - “Man Dog Son” and “Bubbie”. He is a HUGE cuddle bug and is spoiled by his mom and dad. He absolutely loves going for car rides and if he hears the word “ride”, he freaks out….probably because he knows he’s going to Starbucks for a puppuccino! Bandit enjoys watching Harry Potter with his mom and having “man time” playing tug-o-war with his dad. Although he acts tough, Bandit is the big baby of the family—10 times the size of his little sister!

Bandit's Mom: Caregiver Misty

Misty joined out Right at Home team in December of 2017. Misty served in the U.S. Army before coming to work with Right at Home. We were lucky to have found her, too. Misty quickly showed her gift and passion for working with individuals with dementia and other cognitive impairments, including Alzheimer’s Disease. Misty always takes care of everyone around her, so it’s no surprise that Bandit is so spoiled. Congratulations, Bandit and Misty! We are so fortunate to have you as part of our Right at Home team!

May 2018 Winner: Manny

Manny the Dog

Last year, Manny’s soon-to-be parents were in Dallas looking at an Italian Greyhound for rescue. While in Dallas, they went to the pet expo to look around. They immediately saw Manny—he was in a pen with the Recycled Pomeranian Rescue. They asked to hold him...and were told the story of how he was found in the freezing rain at the age of one. At this point, Manny had already spent one year with The Rescue. Manny became attached to his Papa, so he is his Papa’s baby. Manny’s “gotcha” day is May 20th, and his parents are so happy to be celebrating one year with him! He is now three years old! Manny’s parents DID eventually see the Italian Greyhound that weekend in Dallas, and rescued her as well!


Manny's Mom: Caregiver Joyce

Joyce joined our Right at Home team in October of 2017. She works ongoing with one of our most beloved clients in Hutto during the week. She is a retired teacher and is looking to further her education in caregiving by obtaining her C.N.A. license this year. Congratulations to Manny and Joyce! We are so lucky to have you as part of the Right at Home team!

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