Grandparents and Grandchildren Enjoy Traveling Together, Without Mom and Dad

Grandma has her eye on a Mediterranean cruise and Grandpa wants to fish in Alaska. No problem. With one grandson turning 21 this year and one granddaughter turning 21 next year, both family vacations are in the works. Multigenerational travel with grandchildren – without the middle generation – is becoming increasingly popular as grandparents, who often live at a distance from their families, invest in family togetherness.

Grandparents save up for spoiling their grandkids on these special trips often to celebrate a milestone such as turning 13 or graduating from high school or college. Some grandparents prefer to travel when the grandkids are grade-school age and still eagerly curious about everything from animals to ice cream. Whatever the age, creating endearing memories together is a must on these trips, whether your vacation is part recreational or part educational (What senior can resist a little history or architecture lesson?).

Popular travel destinations include dude ranches, African safaris, European castle tours and the Great Wall of China. Even less elaborate trips closer to home, like camping or a baseball weekend, forge memories and strengthen the family bonds for years to come.

Here are a few tips for preparing for the much-anticipated family trip:

  • Plan as much of the itinerary together as possible.
  • Discuss what each person would like to enjoy most on the trip.
  • Include a variety of activities and dining options.
  • Don’t forget to allow some downtime for everyone.
  • Set an overall budget and allow a cushion for unexpected expenses.

All-inclusive prices are often appealing, along with schedules with both separate children’s programs and activities to do together. A number of customized trips, prepackaged tours and travel specials are available online, and some vacation businesses cater only to families and multigenerational groups. Oh, be sure to take the camera and extra batteries!

What grandparent-grandchild travel adventures would you recommend?

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