Spring Cleaning Tips for Seniors, Families, and Their Loved Ones

Right at Home Owner, Bill Osborne , met recently with WBTV Channel 3 for a quick chat about making the most out of spring cleaning time with seniors.  Below is a video of Bill's interview:

An Acronym that Can Help Families Plan Spring Cleaning 

Bill suggested an effective way to plan for spring cleaning would be to remember the acronym C.H.I.L.D -

C - Create a Checklist of Areas to Clean and Items to Organize

H - Help - Ask for Help from Family and Friends

I - Include - Include Others in the Cleaning

L - Loved Ones - Remember to Include and consider Loved Ones during the cleaning

D - Documents - Spring cleaning is a great time to find and organize important papers and documents, including health information and emergency contacts

Using Spring Cleaning to Check Home Safety Issues

Bill mentioned that spring cleaning time is also a great opportunity for family and caregivers to check their loved one's home for any health and safety risks.  Items to check could include:

  • Refreshing batteries in any safety monitoring devices, such as smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms
  • Safely disposing of any expired medications
  • Removing any possible fall hazards, such as loose rugs or awkwardly placed furniture
  • Decluttering areas to reduce confusion and prevent falls

Right at Home caregivers can be a helpful resource as you are planning for spring cleaning.  If you'd like more information about our services,  please call us at (704) 412-3366



Bill Osborne
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