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Long-Term Care Insurance Resources

In our Alabama Right at Home offices, over 40% of our clients utilize long-term care insurance they are using to pay a portion or for all of their in home care. At Right at Home, we have simplified the process for long-term care insurance. Right at Home Birmingham works well with all major Long Term Care Insurance companies. Many times, we find families struggle with the following:

  • Understanding their benefits
  • When is the right time to start a claim?
  • Starting a Claim
  • Elimination Period
  • Submitting invoices and care logs

Give us a call or submit your information if you are now ready for Right at Home to handle the heavy-lifting that comes with utilizing your long-term care insurance policy for caregivers. Right at Home will provide a free policy review. Our goal is to be a resource and guide families through a complicated insurance process.

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What a LTC Policy May Pay for

About the Elimination Period

Interruption in LTC Insurance

Multiple LTC Policies

Facility vs. Home Care Benefits

Freezing a LTC Policy

How to Start a LTC Claim

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