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Make the Most of Your Long Term Care Insurance Policy

Long term care insurance policies are a great source for reimbursement toward home care services. Knowing your policy is step one.

Right at Home Birmingham will review your policy at no cost to help you determine

  • Home care service offerings
  • Assisted living/nursing home benefits
  • Additional benefits that you may not even know about within your policy
  • Ways to stretch your policy to the fullest.

Call us at (205)460-1062 today to schedule a free policy review. You may also email us here.

Not every long term care insurance policy has the benefit toward non-medical home care services. We will map out the specifics of what your policy offers in an easy to read format.

Policy Review and Benefits Verification

Right at Home Birmingham will help you and your loved ones understand the policy benefits and make sure you are getting the most out of your long term care insurance policy.

Process Claims and Submit Paperwork

As you coordinate services through Right at Home Birmingham, we will assist in nurse assessments, opening a claim against your policy, complete all forms and other required paperwork efficiently so your loved one can receive benefits right away.

Advocate on your behalf

Right at Home Birmingham already has relationships with most long term care insurance providers. If you want us to communicate directly with the long term care insurance provider, that helps prevent obstacles and challenges that are often experienced during claims. As we advocate and provide care, your focus can be in other areas.

Use Your Policy and Monitor Reimbursements

Right at Home Birmingham will help you make the most of your long term care insurance policy. With your approval, Right at Home Birmingham can be paid for services provided directly by your long term care insurance company. By being paid directly, you still see all invoices, payments to Right at Home but that’s one less thing to worry about.

One Customer's Experience with Our Long Term Care Insurance Assistance

“In hindsight one of the smartest things I did about 20 years ago was to purchase a long term care policy. I used a website on my computer that analyzes different policies, based on my situation and then placed them in order for me to choose. I chose a policy from a well-known company with certain provisions. Such as an annual inflation factor and a waiver of premium and a non-cancellation clause.

Many years later, I suffered a mild stroke and after a short hospital stay returned to my living quarters (independent living in a retirement community). I needed at home help which is provided by my long term care insurance policy and started using the services of Right at Home. They are recognized by the long term care insurance industry as a stable, competent provider and I am very pleased with how the insurance company and the Right at Home work together.

Right at Home sends a weekly invoice to the insurance company and Right at Home then promptly gets paid. What I like so much is that there is nothing I need to do…the transaction is nice and smooth between the insurance company and Right at Home. I don’t need to handle any paper work and don’t have to worry one bit – What a relief!”

--Will H., Right at Home client in Alabama

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