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Wilma Reed 2021 East Central Region Caregiver of the Year.
Published By Cat Koehler on June 10, 2021

When Wilma Reed was looking for a new career 11 years ago, she ran across Right at Home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, while searching online. Her role now as a professional in-home caregiver is certainly a change from her former position at a local moving company, but it has proven to be a perfect fit for her.

“I have always enjoyed being around older persons,” Wilma said. “And helping them? It’s just something I wanted to do.”

Jackie Brewer, owner of Right at Home Winston-Salem, said the staff credits Wilma’s success to her dependability. In her extended tenure as a caregiver, she has rarely missed a shift and is always eager to help when there is a last-minute need for care.

Wilma’s clients are equally impressed with her dedication. For nine months, Wilma worked seven days a week for one client. The client’s wife, Nancy, noted that Wilma not only never missed a day, but she also always showed up 15 minutes early just in case she hit weather or traffic. But it was more than her punctuality that Nancy found impressive.

“She had qualities that I admired. Nothing ever flustered Wilma,” Nancy said. “She taught me things because she paid so much attention to him. She had patience. There were times we would have to change plans and she would go with the flow. She is very practical; nothing bothered her.”

Hard-Working and Nonstop

Recently, Wilma was named Right at Home’s East Central Region Caregiver of the Year. “Wilma lives to work,” said Jackie. “She is our go-to when we have a shift that needs to be staffed right away.”

Clients have found that Wilma’s dedication to living the Right at Home mission—to improve the quality of life for those we serve—has made all the difference in their lives.

“There were so many things that she did, so many things,” Nancy said. “She allowed my husband to remain social and be with his friends. She would travel with him to visit friends and let him maintain all the activities that he enjoyed. She exercised with him, played cards, and kept him active. Her care allowed him to do the things that he loved.”

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