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2022 East Central Region Caregiver of the Year

Congratulations to Candy Palmer on her recognition of delivering extraordinary care to clients and their families.

Candy Palmer Sings Her Way to 2022 East Central Region Caregiver of the Year

Candy Palmer cared for a client on hospice who was bed bound with advanced cancer. “She worked overnight shifts with this gentleman because that was when he was most agitated and it allowed his wife to sleep at night,” shared Jennifer Selden, Right at Home office owner. “After the client passed, his wife told me she used to love to lie in bed and listen over the baby monitor to Candy singing hymns for her husband to help calm him.”

“Candy lost a number of family members to COVID-19,” said Lacy Hennis, Right at Home Operations Manager. “Despite grief and despair, she never missed work or let the quality of her work suffer.”

Candy’s clients are not the only ones who reap the caregiver’s compassion. According to Right at Home Client Care Coordinator, Katie Whaley, “Candy is the first to call in and see how she can help. She helps cover other caregivers’ assignments if they need time off and she’s the first to volunteer to work with new clients who may need a little extra bit of care.”

It is often said that the small things make a big difference. Candy’s intuitiveness to know what helps someone fall asleep at night and her supportive nature toward her co-workers aren’t small things at all. They are what make her Regional Caregiver of the Year.

Candy has been with Right at Home for five years, working as a caregiver in Wilmington, North Carolina, for office owner Jennifer Selden. Candy’s compassion, selflessness and willingness to go above and beyond have made her a valued member of Right at Home and a beloved caregiver for seniors in her community.

Honoring Our Caregivers

National and Regional Caregivers of the Year are the highest honors awarded by Right at Home. Caregivers are nominated for their exemplary commitment to making a difference in the lives of their clients and teams. The winners are selected by a committee that includes Right at Home representatives and community professionals from other health care, senior care and caregiving organizations. The award is presented annually during the organization’s conference.

View all 2022 National and Regional Caregivers of the Year. 

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