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2022 Midwest Region Caregiver of the Year

Congratulations to Larry Sharon on his recognition of delivering extraordinary care to clients and their families.

Larry Sharon Composes His Way to 2022 Midwest Region Caregiver of the Year

“When I go into a client’s home, my job is to learn what works best for them, not me,” said Larry Sharon, 2022 Midwest Region Caregiver of the Year. “One of the most useful tools we have is empathy—the ability to understand, and identify with, what someone else is feeling. That’s me lying in that bed, my throat parched because the water was left out of my reach. That’s me slumped in that chair, the belt cutting into my ribs and my pressure sores burning. That’s me sitting on that hard, cold, plastic commode chair, shivering in the draft from the open door doing my business while the whole world watches.”

“We are so proud of Larry and all he does for our clients,” said Christina Richter, operator of the Right at Home office. “I get emotional talking about him because he’s had such a positive impact on clients and their family members, our office staff, and other caregivers.”

According to Christina, Larry’s clients can’t say enough good things about him either. “We had a client who loved music and he told us Larry helped him compose music for the first time in 10 years,” Christina said. “And that’s Larry. He finds unique ways to get to know his clients first instead of just going in and doing the care tasks. He gets to know them one-on-one and then makes sure they receive the care they need.”

Larry has definitely illustrated the very essence of the award. He continually lives Right at Home’s mission, “to improve the quality of life for those we serve.” His compassion, selflessness and willingness to go above and beyond have made him a valued member of Right at Home and a beloved caregiver for seniors in his community.

Larry has been with Right at Home for three years, working as a caregiver in West Des Moines, Iowa, for office owner Raouf Agrignan and operator Christina Richter.

Honoring Our Caregivers

National and Regional Caregivers of the Year are the highest honors awarded by Right at Home. Caregivers are nominated for their exemplary commitment to making a difference in the lives of their clients and teams. The winners are selected by a committee that includes Right at Home representatives and community professionals from other health care, senior care and caregiving organizations. The award is presented annually during the organization’s conference.

View all 2022 National and Regional Caregivers of the Year.

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