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2022 Southwest Region Caregiver of the Year

Congratulations to Vodrick Morrison on his recognition of delivering extraordinary care to clients and their families.

Vodrick Morrison Risks Life for Others and Earns 2022 Southwest Region Caregiver of the Year

Last year during Winter Storm Uri, Vodrick Morrison refused to let the people he cares for go without his services.

“Vodrick risked his life by driving in the relentless snow and ice to gather necessary food, water and supplies for our clients,” said Kathryn Cook, HR Manager at Right at Home. “Instead of staying safe and warm at home, he put his clients’ needs first. He went to their homes and wrapped water pipes so they wouldn’t burst, turned off water in their homes, lit candles and gathered batteries for flashlights.”

“Vodrick’s clients absolutely love him,” added Sloane Wendell, Right at Home office owner. “He helps with client retention due to his high quality of care. He helps our clients stay happy and healthy at home by improving their quality of life. Oftentimes when older people are spoken to by others, they expect a degree of belittlement and possibly a condescending tone, but not from Vodrick. He gives clients their independence and dignity back by speaking to them as valued people. He handles clients with respect and care.”

According to Sloane, Vodrick has saved the life of at least one client. “I got a call from Vodrick one day indicating he believed the hospice care team was giving our client too much morphine,” Sloane said. “It was causing her breathing to slow down and she was becoming unresponsive. As it turns out, the hospice organization stopped the morphine altogether and our client bounced back almost immediately. I’m fairly certain if Vodrick had not intervened, our client would have passed away much too soon.”

Vodrick has been with Right at Home for over one year, working as a caregiver in San Antonio, Texas, for office owners Sloane and Jim Wendell. Vodrick’s compassion, selflessness and willingness to go above and beyond have made him a valued member of Right at Home and a beloved caregiver for seniors in his community.

Honoring Our Caregivers

National and Regional Caregivers of the Year are the highest honors awarded by Right at Home. Caregivers are nominated for their exemplary commitment to making a difference in the lives of their clients and teams. The winners are selected by a committee that includes Right at Home representatives and community professionals from other health care, senior care and caregiving organizations. The award is presented annually during the organization’s conference.

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