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Published By Beth Lueders on September 15, 2016

Just when you thought you could kick back and relax after retirement, there are a few things you still need to face. Some baby boomers (yes, you know who you are … you grew up with those original “Boys from Liverpool” and wore flared jeans the first time around) would prefer to coast into full-time leisure life with little responsibility. But before you book that island vacation suite, we thought we’d let you know what to expect as you age.

Sure, there are those tiny lines that add character to your skin, but so many things you encounter in your sixth decade and beyond are intangibles, like how you view the bigger picture, or why you choose to volunteer. Here are seven almost-givens for your truly golden years:

The Eat-Your-Vegetables Side of Aging

  1. AARP will be sending you even more invitations to join. As a boomer, you remember when this organization was called the American Association of Retired Persons. Members receive discounts on everything from autos and eyeglasses to health insurance and wireless plans.
  2. To get your Social Security checks, you will need to complete all the paperwork. But you can apply online, via phone or in person.
  3. Annual wellness exams become a must-do. No excuses. Medicare pays for them!

The Enjoy-Your-Dessert Side of Aging

  1. You can check everything off your bucket list and start a new one. Be brave and go for those I’ve-always-wanted-to-try adventures. Check. Check.
  2. You will make your last mortgage payment—finally. Goodbye bank, hello freedom. Consider remodeling to age in place vs. buying again.
  3. Your post-college kids will move out and get a place of their own. Can we say build a man cave or hobby room?
  4. The boss cannot ask you to work overtime … again. Enjoy your well-deserved time off. Sleep in. Dream of more bucket lists.

Which upside of aging are you looking forward to in the years ahead?

An award-winning journalist who has documented stories in nearly 20 countries, Beth Lueders is an author, writer and speaker who frequently reports on diverse topics, including aging and health issues for both U.S. and international corporations.

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