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Published By Beth Lueders on June 01, 2017

The number of Americans who first grew up with rock ‘n’ roll, astronauts and McDonald’s is off the charts—some 76.4 million were born between 1946 and 1964 notes the U.S. Census Bureau. These baby boom boys and girls are now aging individuals who almost all agree on one thing: living in their own home later in life. Nearly 90 percent of the nation’s aging baby boomers want to age in place.

But with probable changes in health in the years ahead, how will these aging seniors remain comfortable and safe at home? To reduce potential home hazards for older adults, the free Aging-in-Place Guide can help. Right at Home developed the senior care resource with Dr. Rein Tideiksaar, a leading gerontologist and geriatric physician assistant who specializes in fall prevention for the elderly.

The Aging-in-Place Guide helps senior adults and their families spot home safety concerns and create an individualized plan around the elder’s functional abilities, including getting out of bed and bathing. The guide includes a checklist of risks for home accidents and tips for making a home safe again if health or environmental factors arise. Safety solutions can be as simple as adding brighter lightbulbs and more light fixtures to solve inadequate lighting. Adding carpet tape can smooth out curled carpet edges. For more extensive fixes, the guide outlines home modifications and remodeling such as installing bathroom grab bars, widening doorways and enlarging rooms.

The Right at Home guide also highlights home-monitoring technology that is becoming more user-friendly and affordable to protect seniors at home and provide families with greater peace of mind. These secure-at-home options include updating the home with smart auto-set devices to simplify daily tasks such as opening or securing windows and doors, turning off appliances, and lowering countertops and shelves.

As health and home safety conversations take place, it is important to give seniors a choice of the best living space options. With the right planning, living enjoyably and safely at home is fully possible for tens of millions of the country’s boomers who grew up with Elvis and the original Big Mac®.

For more information about home safety for older adults and a copy of the Aging-in-Place Guide, contact your nearest Right at Home office.

What do you suggest for helping seniors age in place comfortably and safely?

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